Daffodil and hellebore

As far as prickly days go, and there is no doubt that is exactly what today was, it was a good one.   At Bill and Benjamina’s, a month or so ago, men with machines carved through brambles at irregular heights before dashing off in their white van to some other garden needy of petrol and posing.  This left a vacancy for some fool (sans machine but with a Ford Focus to make a juddering getaway) to untangle these spiny constrictors from their unfortunate supports and dig up the already shooting and determined roots.  The lucky gal who won the contract was little old me!

Still the sun shone and I made headway on a job that will take weeks to complete.  At the end of the day I admired the pile of cruel brambles, ivy, self-seeded trees and a proportion of a rampant ornamental salix.   Halfway through the afternoon I made a small diversion, attempting to rescue a hacked at hydrangea (hedge trimmer I am guessing), half dead but with potential to be something special.  Long before B&B took residence, the garden was planted by a woman, now in her 90’s, who obviously was a keen dabbler in the green arts.   Who knows what beauty this sickly hydrangea might turn out to be?  While there is life there is definitely hope and while there is hope I will continue to dig up those darned brambles.

The shot above caught my eye just as I was leaving.  This garden has many hellebores, most I imagine are seedlings, they form carpets beneath the trees in a range of colours and sizes.  The narcissus positioned perfectly in the foreground.  I believe there are horticultural treasures waiting to be found here, beneath the detritus.

19 thoughts on “Prickly

  1. Ahh the difference between getting a ‘gardener’ to getting a garde, I have no doubt that the tangle of stems will once more back to a garden with your skilled work! I hope it all goes well

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  2. Tell the flowerpot persons that your adoring public look forward to reading their gardening exploits. They may choose to use you as their conduit or join us on Twitter etc., and reveal all. Tell them we love a bit of scandal. Also tell them not to wave a seed packed anywhere near your nose (unless you are pegged firmly to the ground).

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