Trolley Dash

Actually we didn’t dash, we dawdled, but Trolley Dawdle doesn’t sound quite as good.   The rain was doing its best to scupper all hope of any gardening, so Max’s Dad and myself resorted to Plan B.  B stands for “better”, that is “better shopping”.   This was our first visit of the year to Marwood Hill Gardens and although we only got as far as the plant centre, en route we sneaked glimpses of camellia and magnolia magic.   The trip was a great purchasing success and by the time we reached home most of the seriously bad weather had shifted eastwards.  What is more, we came away with an unusual bonus, but you will have to wait a while to find out exactly what that was …..


14 thoughts on “Trolley Dash

  1. Thank God there were no free seeds (or whisky). Max’s dad clearly still has no broken limbs. Now why, I wonder, did your cheery post make my day (which hasn’t been a good one but that’s another matter)? Answer – just because! xx

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  2. What a good idea! I’ll make a note of that for our next rainy day, which is likely to be soon. There was some sun today and it was very pleasant to dig out dandelions.


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