I’m sure someone can tell me what I am doing wrong, but I can never keep anemones for long.  They flower beautifully, then disappear to the great herbaceous border in the sky.  If I am particularly lucky they might reappear a few feet away from where they were planted, usually in a totally inappropriate place.  The next year I try again, full of false hope.  Some people never learn.

Once they flower I excuse any heartache they may have caused.  The ethereal violet-blue blooms are especially forgiven.


14 thoughts on “Blissful

  1. I am sorry that I can not help you with that one. They are like annuals for us. I had always thought that it was because they do not get sufficient chill here, but there must be more to it than that. I had some that survived for years without ever blooming after the first years.


      1. I dislike annuals, and I dislike expensive annuals even more, but I will say that I would grow these again, even if they only bloom for a short while here, just because I really like them.


  2. I seem to do best growing them in containers. Funny about that ethereal violet blue – I planted some blue anemones, or at least that’s what the label said – but I’m getting red flowers. They’re gorgeous, but I love that blue, too.


  3. Do you mean anemone blanda ? Martin grows them on a well drained bank by the gate along with tulipa turkestanica next to a native woodland hedge. They have been very good this year despite the dysfunctional weather, flowering well and in profusion. I don’t know when the bulbs/rhizomes were first planted but it was many years ago, at least 20. They are definitely perennial and self-seed.


    1. No these are the Anemone coronaria. I remember your wood anemones, absolutely wonderful. I hope your open days went well last weekend. I really need to come and see you soon, I keep pointing people in your direction.


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