‘Orrible Orchid


It is a good job there isn’t an equivalent to the Hippocratic oath in horticulture.  But surely I am not alone, on occasion, to hoping that a plant will just give up the ghost and die?  That by ignoring and neglecting it, with perhaps the odd withering look, the victim will simply pop its clogs.  This orchid was a gift, from who and for why is lost in the mists of time.  We have had it for years and it has been in dire need of repotting for most of those, but I have chosen to turn a blind eye.  My heart is cold to this poor unfortunate.  It flowered once and has never bothered again.  Who could blame it?  Until now. Just to spite me.

The other day a neighbour gave me another orchid, again a gift, because it was “looking at her in a funny way”.  For some masochistic reason I accepted it.  Now I have another orchid to mistreat.  Happy days.

15 thoughts on “‘Orrible Orchid

  1. I’m not sure I like them either. The first one appeared in our house in a similar way about a year ago. It flowered rather boringly all summer but I fear it has died over the winter. Glad to know that there are others out there who don’t quite see the point of them.

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  2. People keep giving them to me. I have 16 of the things, they have the secret of immortal life. They bloom twice a year for weeks at a time. In fact they bloom for so long that I get bored with them, although so far I have never noticed them giving me funny looks.


  3. Back many years ago when African violets were trendy, I planted several in a planter box on the front porch hoping that they would get eaten by snails, but they MULTIPLIED!


  4. Our elderly neighbour lived downstairs and the rooms were heated night and day. She received orchids as gifts and some (including mine) that needed TLC. They got it, all gathered on a large south facing windowsill, they all flourished and their abundant blooms gave her much pleasure. I have never managed much success with them myself.


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