Majestic Beeches


I love other people’s birthdays.  This has been mentioned before.  But then I am fond of repeating myself.  Embrace the inevitable.

A walk with special friends, all of us basking in spring glory.  Even us feeble humans could sense the ecstasy of the season, feeding off the energy in each shoot, every leaf.  The woods celebrating with swathes of bluebell, orchid, celandine, red campion, stitchwort, green alkanet and greening beeches.  Best of all, the majestic beeches.

14 thoughts on “Majestic Beeches

  1. I have a fully grown copper version in my garden, just out lovely pink new leaves it is huge and lovely, you made me go and look at it again, you are right beeches are ‘Majestic’.


      1. The popular garden varieties, with ‘rainbow’ foliagee, bronze foliage, pendulous stems, fastigiate stems and so on are aberrations of nature. They are such runts. However, they are all we have for beeches.

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  2. Like Torrington Tina I also come from Beechy Bucks and Burnham Beeches was a favourite haunt, but not the humungous wood ants!


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