Six on Saturday – Still Hurrying

Crazy times are unabating, so once again I must be brief. Easier said than done. As you may have guessed I tend to go on a bit. Briefish is perhaps more accurate. I don’t want to aim too high. Here we go. Six on Saturday, horrah for the Grand Old Duke of Prop, he knows the business, he is the business. Sashy over and find out all about the Sixers.

It hasn’t made it any easier that I have had to follow that smarty pants brother of mine. Ever the bridesmaid, never the bride. Shall we get started, before I get too self-indulgent?

First of all we have apple blossom. We have two apple trees in our our tiny garden, both planted by the previous owner. I could think of better use for the space, but sentimentality means they stay. For the moment.

Next we have a crop of nasturtiums. A myriad. A self sown plague. Some will be saved, the rest culled. Harsh but fair.

Then a brand new shiny rodgersia. Bronze and beautiful.

Next a candelabra primula, bought from a garden society plant stall, unnamed but no less for it.

Then Rhodotypos scandens, in my front garden. A great favourite of mine and a complete mystery to me why it isn’t grow more widely.

And finally, last week’s hairy bud, now a fully fledged, paid up member of the poppy family.

Thanks Prop me old darling. Next time, all will be calm, time will be plentiful, and I will devote my full attention on the cause. Until then, nanoo nanoo ….

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Still Hurrying

    1. Later in the year I expect the rodgersia will become a little ragged, but now it is just perfect. As for the poppy, I have a feeling it will be short-lived, it is attracting lots of mollusc attention. Do you have problems over there with slugs and snails?


      1. Oh yes, I certainly do! As well as the usual scoundrels I have minute cone shaped ones in their thousands which do just as much damage as the big ones. However, because it’s often so dry here, the snails become quite inactive until it’s wet again, so at least there’s some respite from squashing.


  1. I win. You didn’t mention me before I didn’t mention you. Hehe. Perhaps we don’t grow Rdodotypingerrors because. apart from a couple of months, it is a big straggly green thing and we don’t all have a spot where a big straggly green thing will sit. I’m a sucker for punishment – re-introducing nasturtiums into the garden this year. Because I will need something to eradicate next year, having run out of other options. Just as I’ve filched a few dandelion clocks from an unkempt front garden nearby. A “two tier” flower form that I haven’t seen before. Looks nice. Grown for the bees you see.

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    1. Does that mean I come second? Not bad! Sorry for the oversight, it will be rectified next time. My rhodotypos is very well behaved (apart from at a bit of a jaunty angle after the winter winds). Neat and flowers for ages and then has nice fruit and then flowers again ….. The dandelion sounds interesting, did you take a picture of the flower before it became a clock?


  2. Your candelabra primrose is lovely. I have three annoyingly pathetic specimens, one daring to be the wrong colour (pale pink, when the others are fetchingly magenta).

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  3. Never mind that brother of yours, these were lovely choices! :~)) If nothing else, the nasturtiums can be used to trap black fly, and then done away with, with great glee! I love the Rodgersia – thought I’d lost mine, but there’s now a glimmer of bronziness at the bottom of the border.


  4. Self sowing plague?! What?! That is just sad. Nasturtiums (or ‘dago pansies’) are some of my favorites! I have been growing them since I was a tyke. I sometimes sow varieties, even though they revert to the standard yellow and orange. The yellow and orange are my favorites anyway. Incidentally, not ALL of ‘my people’ grow them; just me.


  5. I am partial to a rodgersia, have a couple myself. Lovely colour and shape. But you’re right about ragged. They let themselves go quite badly mid season I find.


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