Cardamine and Sea Mist


As the much of country enjoyed the sunshine, a thin swathe of cloud veiled us, exacerbated by a mist from the sea which periodically danced across the garden.  Occasional lapses in concentration by said mist and cloud meant coats and jumpers were discarded as the sun elbowed through, only to be quickly retrieved as another wave of dank encompassed us.

No matter, we were working hard, with a load of woodchip to shift, and cool weather suited us better.  Just like the Sisters of Mulch, this cardamine was looking none the worse for the dampness, in fact she is thriving.

9 thoughts on “Cardamine and Sea Mist

  1. I am a very reluctant member of the sisterhood of mulch. Do you wish it was sold in half sized bags? I am attempting to plant enough plants to forgo mulch as much as possible because the bags are too heavy and I don’t want to deal with them.


  2. Montara, on the coast of San Mateo County is known as the ‘Fog Capital of the World’. Supposedly, it is foggier than San Francisco a few miles to the north. I do not know much about San Francisco, but I would believe it.

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