I’ve always been a little ambivalent about Skype and the like.  It seems like hard work.  You have to change out of your polar bear onesie and comb your hair.  Any face pulling or expressive gestures can be seen by the caller, in my case this is rarely advisable.  Yawning cannot be masked.  The crossword cannot be studied.  Full attention must be given in order to avoid offence.

Likewise the concept of smelli-vision.  There are surely limited advantages.  If it was used to demonstrate the proximity of the local sewage works, then surely only the perverse would appreciate this gift.  If the subject was freshly baked bread or a roast dinner, then it would equate to cruel taunting.  “Take a whiff of this my friend, but you can’t partake in its consumption”.  Today however, I was softening to the idea.  I would have loved to share with you the fragrant fug of Rhododendron ‘Princess Alice’, the sweet green smell of warm rain on verdant grass and the delicate perfume of the almost open peony.  Just so you could understand my day.  That the continuing rain was pushed to the periphery, that the delicious aromas were held suspended in the air, parfum de printemps.

23 thoughts on “Perfume

  1. I agree about Skype, why would you want to see and be seen? Imagine having to change your clothes and brush your hair before you can answer the phone. But being able to smell flowers would be lovely. I find scents very difficult to put into words.

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  2. At this time of year our nasal orifices are assailed with all sorts of heady perfumes, of some of which we can identify the source. It’s a wonderfully scented time of year, wot? However I heard another story about Skype. Apparently there was the quickie, early-morning time you forgot to put your onesie on. I am assured that if the screen captures are found, I will receive copies to publish on my blog. *nibbles a Haribo*

    Meanwhile, farmer next door spread his muck today. He likes to do it on a rainy day to suppress the aroma. I keep telling him it doesn’t work. He’ll apologise with some free range eggs tomorrow. He keeps doing that.

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  3. Anyone who uses Skype must be a braver person than I! My theory is that anyone who (like myself) the camera instinctively hates, is going to look 10x worse on a webcam. As for fragrances, I unfondly recall the years when magazines would put perfumey inserts as part of ads because as a fragrance-allergy person those were brutal. Outdoor fragrances (hyacinths, phlox, lilies don’t seem to cause the same problems for me, thank goodness! 🙂

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    1. Yes I remember those inserts, always smelt like plastic to me. Once we had a hyacinth indoor, the end we had to put it outside as the scent was over whelming. Somethings seem to be better outside, quite a lot actually!

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      1. I have fragrance allergies (though as you say, outdoors all is fine!) and so no hyacinths, Oriental lilies, or paperwhite narcissus can ever darken my (indoor) doorstep. 🙂


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