Storm in a Teacup

For those who follow this blog, my life must seem a swirling cauldron of relentless toil and misery, punctuated only by drudgery and disappointment.  However on the odd occasion I do manage to have a day off for a little light R & R.  Today was such a day.  My old mate Hero and I went to Storm in a Teacup for lunch.  I would say we were “ladies that lunch” but am fearful of contradiction from those that know better.

Then I had one of my marvellous ideas.  Why not, for a little diversity, write a restaurant review.  Mix it up a little.  You never know I might be a natural.  I like eating, surely that is qualification enough?  Shall we have a go?

The place in question is called Storm in a Teacup which is situated at Watermouth Bay, between Combe Martin and Ilfracombe, or Ilfracombe and Combe Martin, depends on where you are starting from.  You should check just to be on the safe side.  I must admit that although pleased the promised bad weather was not apparent, I was a little disappointed to find out that this cafe was not in a teacup but a boat.  Luckily this boat was on dry land because I had omitted to pack my wellies.  Brightly coloured picnic benches surrounded the vessel which was beautifully adorned with planters full of  (sorry lapsed back to my old ways for a moment then, let us stick to the catering).  After we had evicted some old ladies from the best bench of the establishment affording fabulous views across the water, we settled ourselves down to study the menu.  Nice big letters so no need to find the glasses.  Due to my mild obsession, and therefore expert knowledge of, cheese scones it was not hard to make my selection.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  These were good.  Very good.  Still warm and fresh as the man on checkout No. 10 in Tescos, they were cut into a rather jaunt wedge shape.  Accompanying them, yes there was more than one, there were in fact two, three would have been too much, probably, came not only a fine cheddar but a stinky Stilton too.  Also a mini bunch of grapes, now that is posh.  Although not a pickle fan (apart from Pickle), I am sure this aberration would be appreciated by the strange folk who do enjoy it and other such abominations such as chutney and baked beans.  Hero indulged in a crab sandwich.  It was composed of crab and bread and salad and she shared, without too much overt hinting on my part.  Just a little labrador staring.  That was also delicious.  The service was smiley but not toadying.  The sun was soothingly warm.  We watched with a combination of concern and menace, a small child carry an ice cream cone at an angle of 45 degrees.  We chatted and caught up and forgot our words but it didn’t matter. Perfect.  One for the bank.

It appears that I have forgotten to take pictures of the view, or the food, or bijou kitchen and delightful inside dining area.  I did however remember to photograph the quirky pansy planters.  I may be a lost cause.

18 thoughts on “Storm in a Teacup

  1. If I ordered cheese scones here, I would receive scones that had cheese in them, not on the side. I like that idea very much.


  2. I twitched a bit at the mention of ‘boat’. But as it’s on dry land.. me and the assistant gardener will have to try it out. To inspect the pansies. Obvs.


  3. For some reason, I’m reminded of that Monty Python sketch where Terry Jones in drag buys fruit cakes from a bakery in an RNLI lifeboat, and then HMS Ark Royal stops by for rock buns.


  4. That sounds like a delightful place to eat and I think you have a future in restaurant reviews of the slightly quirky nature (both restaurant and review). I just need one point clarifying: was the scone plain with a cheese accompaniment or did you get cheese both in and beside your scone?

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