Golden Days

golden elm

Cloudless skies, pink shoulders and an unnatural yearning for cornettos.  It must be our peri-summer.  Let the watering commence.

This may or may not be a golden elm.  What is not in dispute is that it is a very beautiful tree.  I rather like the sound of golden elm though, and until corrected it is what I shall continue to call it.  Over to you.

11 thoughts on “Golden Days

  1. Well, compared to Ulmus hollandica Dampieri Aurea, Ulmus hollandica Wredei, Ulmus x hollandica ‘Wredei’, etc. “Golden Elm” sounds good. So let’s not argue. I still have an unopened bottle of Prosecco getting in the way. Oh, and a Stachyurus praecox that I wasn’t going to get in Devon. 😉

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  2. It doen’t look like anything in my garden, but it is beautiful for sure. We alsohave an un-named tree we just call it a shade tree although it is still too small to offer shade. I sent Dr. A to buy a flowering pear, but this clearly is not one. He offered to return it, but Charlie christened it and so it stands.

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  3. Looks very much like a yellow cv. of an elm – you are right! (the base of the leaf asymmetrical – easiest character to ID any Ulmus)

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