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I’ve got a cold.  Yes another one.  Yesterday I felt grim, today I feel grimmer.  I probably cast my clout too early or something.  As one of those folk who believe gardening is the cure for all ills, I ventured out despite my ailing body.  Deluded maybe but perhaps not. As it was half a day was quite enough.  Some potting on, a pathetic attempt at weeding and a fair amount of top quality mooching was achieved.  I also managed to fit in some pondering and scheming.  It didn’t kill me. But disappointingly I don’t feel much stronger.  I will have to have a word with whoever thought that one up.

18 thoughts on “Grim

  1. Us too Gilly ☹️. Finn’s been valliantly going off to each if his gcses so far, armed with a box of hankies and some Tunes….poor thing. Rotten colds!😡😡😡. Hope your’s gets better soon…but I’m afraid Mrs Daffodil is right – rest is the only thing, otherwise it seems to drag on forever…Get a copy of ‘Eleanor Oliphant is perfectly fine’ and put your feet up. Bit of a off putting start, but stick with it – I couldn’t put it down by the end x x x 🌻

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    1. Sorry to hear that, poor you lot! I’ve read EO, really enjoyed it (in the end). Don’t worry, no big plans for today, perhaps a little gardening ….. 🙂 take care xxx ps love and good luck to Finn x pps love to Stef x ppps and some for you too x


  2. Sorry to hear about that and at this time of the year too. You’ve not being going near people have you? Surely, that’s not an occupational hazard as a gardener. Keep to your plants, you won’t catch colds from them. Having said that my eyes are streaming as we speak and I’m wheezing gently. Those damn flowers aren’t as innocent as they look.

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    1. Trouble is this time of year (for me) it is tricky to know if its a cold or hayfever. Well it seems to be both, double trouble! I always get ill after I’ve been away, you are right, its those darned people things.


  3. These bugs are a right nuisance, look after yourself and fresh air is good but so is rest – do you have a comfy deckchair or hammock? Get well soon.

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