A Little Walk

Wood sorrel

In an attempt to clear our stuffed-up heads we took off for a little walk after lunch.   Nothing too strenuous.  Just enough to raise the spirit but not to break the body.

First we nipped along the boundary of the rugby/cricket pitch where these wood sorrels nestled in a wide margin of unmown grass.  I am hoping that this strip had been intentionally left to the  wildflowers, not just a stay of execution.  Perhaps the mowers were having a tea break, or had run out of petrol, or had nipped down the road for a pasty.

Then down, past the community orchard to the beach and a blissful paddle in the sea.

Then up, up, up,

past the thorns in full bloom,

with occasional glimpses to the hills,

skirting Hillsborough’s buttercups and campions,

emerging with a bird’s eye view of the town below.

That will do.

18 thoughts on “A Little Walk

  1. The walk up the path through the trees looks like a blissful place to be with all those wildflowers popping up in the grass. And those views! Hope it all helped to clear the head.


  2. What a lovely walk. I was with you all the way, until you went into the water that is!. It has to be a lot warmer before I venture in 😊

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