This afternoon, at The Bun’s abode, I was greeted with a concerned “What shall we do?  The potatoes are growing too well!”.   The strange phenomenon of plants growing in the spring is something I have come across before.  However, it has never previously been considered a problem, especially when they are doing it “well”.  Needless to say, Mrs B was given one of my stern looks.

The look was soon on the other face.

As someone who has spoken previously, and possibly for too long, about the increasing need for spectacles, you would imagine I would be especially careful with them.  Wrong.  Approximately half an hour into my visit I realised I had mislaid them.  How difficult could it be to find them again?  Well the rain was pouring, my eye sight was diminished and the glasses were green rimmed.  Tricky.  We retraced my steps (which turned out to be a bit of roundabout route, it appears that I am easily distracted) and found nothing.  Never mind, they were only a cheap pair.  Perhaps best to avoid any precision work.  Like gardening.  No problem, I would wing it.

A little later a scream rang out from Mrs B.  I imagined it was of horror (she had perhaps found my sans-specs pruning) but was in fact one of delight.  Inside the compost bin, amongst the grass clippings, the dead armeria and althaea off-cuts, were my glasses.  How on earth did they get there?  I blame the chickens.  A quick wipe on my trousers and all came back into focus.

And yes, there was a retributional look.  And much deserved it was too.

16 thoughts on “Looks

  1. So easily done, usually with sunglasses by me, though I have to admit, not in the compost bin. That’s a new one. I do tend to leave a trail of forks, trowels etc as I meander from one task to the next. There are some I still can’t find.


  2. The answer is to wear two pairs. One pair on your nose and the others on top of your head, you will then have a ‘stare’ pair and a spare pair. You could of course use a diamante spectacles chain around the neck, tho’ I find a bit of green garden twine does the job, although that may not suit the rest of your golden booted outfit.


  3. I have a gardening pair. They have already fallen down the slope several times and landed on the concrete path so are useless for detailed computer work anyway. It’s only this year I’ve started needing them for weeding too.. now I know I’m getting old.


  4. I wasn’t exactly looking for glasses but they might have helped. I spent two days looking for an important letter, finally gave up, only to look to my right to see it pinned to my noticeboard two feet away.

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