By rights I should be a waif.  I barely eat a morsel and am on first name terms with each and every personal trainer at the gym.  Admittedly this is mostly in my dreams.  OK, totally in my dreams.  Instead I am sturdy.  Which is possibly a better physique for digging out agapanthus on the most humid, treacle-wading, head-thumpingly oppressive day of the year.  If not the century.  Definitely in living memory and since records began.

It has left me feeling a little drained.

10 thoughts on “Drained

  1. Hot + Humid days are the worst, sorry you had to endure one. Recuperate over the weekend 🙂
    (for a second I thought you were serious about the gym :))


  2. We will be experiencing several dry hot days. The good doctor doesn’t mind the heat. I melt. the lawn dies and the flowers wilt. A cool day yesterday and I made an enormous pot of soup. Can you eat soup on hot days? Too bad.


  3. Even I dislike digging agapanthus. I like making more copies of perennials that I like so much, but it is a lot of work, and I am more than merely sturdy. (I will stick with sturdy though because it sounds polite.)


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