Six on Saturday – Another One


Another Six on Saturday.  Another introduction to main man, The Prop.  Another invitation to join us.  Another attempt to take photographs that conceal the slug ravaged, garden mayhem that is my reality.  Here we go ….

Firstly we have Rhodohypoxis baurii.  With minimum (read no) effort, these little charmers come up every spring and flower their little flower socks off.  Even the ones that mysteriously “fell” out of the greenhouse when OH walked by and were stuffed back in the pot, have done their very best.  Lovely.

Geum 'Blazing Sunset'

Next we have Geum ‘Blazing Sunset’, enjoying this morning’s early sunshine.  Enormous, great gallumping flowers, but definitely not as vigorous as it was last year.  Perhaps it is dwindling.  I will try to remember to collect some seed.

Sisyrinchium 'E K Balls'

Sisyrinchium ‘E K Balls’ has decided that he is quite happy in his new planter and will therefore show his pleasure the only way he can.  By blooming.  And being blooming lovely.


This lone allium, planted in the garden before we were dropped off by the mother ship, is just beginning to reveal its violet stars.

Brachyscome 'Magenta Delight'

A few days ago I succumbed to temptation of the worse kind.  Yes, I am talking about The Half Price Offer.  I was putty in their hands.  When I returned from work yesterday, a large box was waiting for me.  Balm indeed.  Along with this gorgeous little Brachyscome ‘Magenta Delight’ came pentemon, gaura and bidens.  All I can say is “welcome”, and don’t expect any special attention after the honeymoon period is over.  Which most probably will be tomorrow.


Lastly we have an osteospermum.  Not just any pretty pink daisy.  This is the sole survivor of cuttings donated by the Notorious Mr K.  Not dead, just accustoming herself to a new life across the channel.

Thanks to the The Duke of Prop – shimmy over to his blog to find out what has been going on this week across the universe and beyond.   Adieu!






29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Another One

  1. My goodness, Rhodohypoxis baurii is quite a mouthful! Does it have a common name? I don’t know this plant, but I would like to! “Dropped off by the mother ship?” Jeepers, that was a long time ago.

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    1. I looked it up and it said Red Star which I have never heard of and sounded a bit like a guess. Give them a go Mrs D, they are gorgeous and there are lots of cultivars. I didn’t like to admit that I had lost another label, but I have lost another label.

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      1. It seems the RHS consider “red star” to be its common name. I’ve been looking it up on the AGS web site. They advise keeping it dry when it dies down – cover it with slate over the winter to prevent wet getting to it. But I guess you didn’t/don’t do that. Or is it confined to your greenhouse? Asking for a plantaholic friend.

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      2. Let your “friend” know that I keep it in the greenhouse (rubbish plastic thing) over winter to keep dry. Sure slate will work as well. If your “friend” can wait til it has died down he/she is welcome to some.


      3. I have lost it in the past to winter wet. Now it lives happily in the gravel with a pane of glass to keep it dry in winter. The ones in the greenhouse got eaten by mice so outside is easier, it’s quite hardy, just likes to be dry in winter..

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  2. You are Thomas Stone in drag, aren’t you? That Rhodohypoxis baurii has to go on my list for the alpine bit of E2. Glad that one of the osteos survived. Though she looks different in the centre from the parent plant. Must be the foreign climate.

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  3. Geum is something that keeps popping up on people’s blogs and yet I can’t recall ever having seen it in nurseries over here. Yours is a beauty. I think we’re all putty when it comes to half price offers..must be a gardener’s ‘thing’. And nurseries know it.


  4. Pretty pictures in this Six …. Your Rhodohypoxis bauri is breathtaking! I love this soft but at the same time bright color … About the geum, it’s charming! Maybe move its place? That’s what I did last winter and mine gives a lot of flowers this year.


  5. What’s this Red Star business? You have to be strict with these Latinophobes. Latin is vital so that when we talk about plants we are all on the same page.
    My geums get smaller every year, I wonder what the secret is to keeping them big and strong.

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