Six on Saturday – I’m a Survivor

Back to my usual Six on Saturday timing, which I like to think of as fashionable late but some might call tardy.   This is not due to lack of enthusiasm for the task at hand, quite the contrary.  As the year ripens there are more and more lovelies which beg to be featured.   OnContinue reading “Six on Saturday – I’m a Survivor”

Six on Saturday – Another One

Another Six on Saturday.  Another introduction to main man, The Prop.  Another invitation to join us.  Another attempt to take photographs that conceal the slug ravaged, garden mayhem that is my reality.  Here we go …. Firstly we have Rhodohypoxis baurii.  With minimum (read no) effort, these little charmers come up every spring and flower theirContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Another One”

Geum ‘Blazing Sunset’

It is hot, but I expect you knew that already.  Back to work tomorrow after a long weekend off. Lovely holiday weather, not so good for working.  Never mind, I am well prepared with cooling clothes, cover ups, sun screen, hat and water bottle all at the ready.   Expect another tale tomorrow night. SomethingContinue reading “Geum ‘Blazing Sunset’”