I played hookey today.  I skived off.  There were things that should have been done and weren’t.  There is a deadline, don’t you know.  But I defiantly chose to ignore it.  Instead I visited the garden of some friends, the wonderful Round House.  I shared a cuppa with old mates and scoffed a chocolate brownie, chitty chatting.  On the way home we visited Max and drank more coffee and chewed more cud.  Once home, instead of attending to obligations, I went into my own garden and pottered and dithered.

That is what a little bit of sunshine does.  It leads me astray.  Just as well it doesn’t happen that often.

16 thoughts on “Hookey

  1. Someone else was just commenting on the prevalence and profusion of tacky garden art here in warmer climates where we spend more time out in the garden, not necessarily gardening, but using our gardens as outdoor living space. They also mentioned that those in cooler climates display less art, but that it is more tasteful and ‘substantial’ garden art. That seems to be so; but what I don’t understand is, if the climates are so cold in winter, why are the statues so scantily clad?!

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