Whilst roughly chopping vegetables (I always take this instruction as a suggestion of attitude as well as indicator of dice size) for our tea (sausage, haricot bean and harissa stew, since you ask) I noticed that seed in one of the tomatoes had germinated (excuse the blurry photo, I was stirring the onions at the same time).

Well I never, what a world, sack all the gardeners, we are surplus to requirements.

19 thoughts on “Surplus

  1. When buying fruit at the discount fruit-selling emporium, it is usually advisable to check the best before year as well as the other bits.

    But I will take your advice. Two more hours of gardening to do a week but saving £5.50 isn’t a bad bargain. I always thought her hourly rate was a bit excessive.

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  2. It seems that the modern varieties do that more. It was rare years ago, but is now more common. It gets a bit disconcerting when the new leaves emerge through the fruit. Years ago, we had an avocado tree that produced nice fat avocados with roots hanging from their bottom sides.

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  3. This is a bit unsavory, especially coming right after your delicious meal, but tomato seeds can germinate after making their way through the human digestive tract and then through a sewage treatment plant.

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