Out with the old


I’ve got a new camera.  Yes another one.  I don’t mean my big posh one, that is quite safe.  I’m taking about the little Canon Ixus I take to work with me.  The abused one.

The retiring camera somehow, I can’t remember quite when or where, sustained a chipped lens.  Ever since it has been tricky finding a photo that hasn’t got a sunburst or blur in a obvious place.  This accident happened way before Christmas, but I haven’t allowed myself a replacement because I was teaching myself a lesson.  If you don’t look after your toys, you can’t have nice new ones.  Up until now.  I think I have suffered enough.  A lesson has been learned.  And I have bought insurance.

This is the final photograph by last year’s model.  Now he will join his brothers in arms in the retirement home for mistreated Ixus.  I’m sure he will have a few tales to tell.

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