Gaillardia ‘Aristata Tokajer’ – Blanketflower

Gaillardia 'Aristata Tokajer'

Until recently I wasn’t a gaillardia fan.  It was nothing personal, they just didn’t rock my world.  Bit nondescript.  Non-committal, that was me.  Take them or leave them.  Did someone mention an American daisy often used in bedding schemes?  Sorry I nodded off, don’t bother repeating yourself. Their merits had never been discussed with my peers, or even on piers.  To my knowledge I had never even said the word out loud.

That is until Mrs Bun introduced me to Gaillardia ‘Aristata Tokajer’.  Held aloft on sturdy stems, marmalade and lemon curd flowers shout “ignore me at your peril!”.  Very popular with pollen beetles too.  I am fine company.

When I stumbled over the word Mrs Bun giggled.  A little cruel I felt.  I think it was revenge.  Possibly deserved.

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