Thai Basil ‘Siam Queen’

Thai Basil 'Siam Queen'

I have been strong until now.  But today, I must confess, I succumbed to that most unforgivable of outbursts.   In my defence I was living it and it was hurting.  Anyone would weaken under the circumstances, crumble like a rich tea in a hot cup of tea.   All was fine until mid afternoon, at this point things started to go wrong.  The crescendo that had been slowly building reached its apex.  It was then the heinous crime was committed.  Although all alone On Button Moon, I suddenly exclaimed to the daylilies and anyone else who cared to listen “It’s too bloomin’ hot!”.

It was done.  Please forgive me.

The Thai basil just shrugged and said “bring it on!”.

17 thoughts on “Thai Basil ‘Siam Queen’

  1. Agree with you, too hot. We are not used to these prolonged hot and dry spells. It is difficult to get the perfect weather. Mr TT says just wait until the weather comes in from the west and is wet. Then I will start moaning about too much rain. He is correct.


  2. As an outsider who is unfamiliar with your climate, your outburst seems to be justified. It seems that everyone there is experiencing difficulty with the heat. In fact, many people all over the Northern Hemisphere have been experiencing unpleasant heat. Until recently, I had been feeling guilty that our weather had been so pleasantly mild. It finally caught up with us a few days ago, just as we were installing a new landscape. A few new perennials got roasted. However, as hot as it is here now, it is no worse than what is normal for this time of year.

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