Six on Saturday – I made it in the end

Dahlia coccinea

I definitely wasn’t going to do a SoS this week, categorically not.  Then I relented, I changed my mind.  Which is par for the course.  Please bear this in mind if you are trying to persuade me to co-star with Hugh Jackman in a remake of Les Mis.

Here we are again, and which means so is the King of Prop-ing (if you say it right it does scan, you may have to practice or take my word for it), pop over to discover what is happening in the Kingdom of Prop.

Let us begin with Dahlia coccinea, grown from seed several years ago, and only now coming into flower.  All my dahlias stayed out last winter, with little if any protection.  This is not a boast.  My head is hung in shame.  And for this neglect I have been rewarded with sad plants that are blooming late.  Next year ….

Hibiscus syriacus

Secondly is an unnamed (names cost more) hibiscus, rescued from the bargain bin of a supermarket.  Most probably a cultivar of Hibiscus syriacus, it deserved better treatment.  I am yet undecided whether it will remain Chez Nous, or be adopted by one of my lovely clients.


Now an agapanthus, the old faithful who never fails to perform.  But all is not sweetness and light. Over winter it acts as a cosy hostel for the all especially delinquent snails in the neighbourhood.  As I am on to this ploy, they are gathered up and relocated, mainly to snail heaven.  If I am feeling particularly magnanimous they are put in the green bin where they go to ….. well who knows?!

Scabiosa 'Plum Pudding'

Next we have Scabiosa ‘Plum Pudding’, itself a rather unruly customer, lolling all over the place with little if any decorum.  Luckily the flowers are so ripstockingly wonderful, it is forgiven this lacking in the grace department.


How are we getting on?  Are we there yet?  Not quite.  Here is a little sempervivum.  It thrives on sun and neglect.  Double whammy.

Salvia 'Nachvlinder'

And finally we have Salvia ‘Nachtvlinder’ and friend.  I snapped away at this for a while, flowers dancing in the wind, bee holding on for dear life.  All the fun of the fair.

Another SoS under my belt.  And to think I wasn’t going to bother.  Thanks Your Propping Highness, until next time.





22 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – I made it in the end

  1. Love that Salvia! The colour is so rich and it compliments the yellow of friend perfectly. It’s interesting about your Dahlias, sad and blooming late. Last fall, one of the SoS’ers. perhaps it was the King of Prop-ing himself, wrote about storing Dahlia tubers in vermiculite over the winter. That is what I did with my Tsuki-Yoris and now they are the first to bloom in the garden. All the others were purchased new this last spring, during the Dahlia buying spree I went on with my daughter. She has one coming into bloom now, but I’m still waiting.


  2. Here at the opposite end, I’ve dug up my dahlias and put them in the shed for a rest, hoping they’ll behave themselves when reinstated. I hadn’t grown them before last summer. Your hibiscus is lovely. I have a particular fondness for Syriacus- so incomplaining and undemanding. A name like Scabiosa would make any plant behave badly, I think.


  3. Hibiscus syriacus seems happier in everyone else’s gardens. Shouldn’t it do better here where it is warmer and drier? Mine were never quite happy. The foliage was always yellowish. Yet, in cooler climates they seem happier. That makes no sense. Well, yours is pretty anyway; and white too!


  4. They say a lady is permitted to change her mind. And so are you. Glad you did. Lovely selection. And I now know what some of my plants would look like if they bothered to wake up and get dressed. I will print out your photos and stick them where my flowers should be.

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