Folk, they get in the way.

Some say “I like having people in my photos, they add scale and interest”.  Not me.  They clutter and blot and spoil everything.

Trying to photograph the Hot Garden at RHS Rosemoor on a Saturday in August without including a member of the public is as tricky as unicorn hunting.  I was tempted at one point to shout “duck” and take my chances, but chickened out at the last moment.  I tried glaring, and dodging, and sighing, all to no avail.

So here is a smidgen of the wonderous garden, looking fabulous, free from those creatures, who as I snapped were stampeding towards my people free corner, to ruin everything.

17 thoughts on “People

  1. We should have done it, you and I could have had a lovely shout of ‘Duck!!’. It would have caused some effect, that’s for sure. If only for TT, Rusty Duck and yourself to have had a giggle fit. Lovely photo, the proportions of the colour combinations spot on. No people really needed.


  2. You should have asked TT to wander off somewhere and shout “Hey, free plants over here.” Though by the time she did you’d have forgotten your request and …….


  3. It was neither your age nor speed that I was thinking of; rather a shout of “free anything” more than a millisecond after the request would instantly obliterate the photographer’s memory of why someone was shouting that! And the bodies would pile up. 😉


  4. I agree – you don’t want people in your flower photos. There’s a garden near us (Butchart Gardens) that is lovely, but always very crowded. I went with a friend once on Boxing Day. It was drizzling and there weren’t a lot of flowers, but we had the place entirely to ourselves. Bliss!


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