Bright Side


There are some advantages to persistent mizzle, even when you are out in it all day, stewing like an old turnip in head to toe waterproofs, the only ventilation provided by a leaking boot.  They are as follows:

  1. Good company, both human and canine, although a degree of encouragement was dispensed from the dry side of a window (yes Pickle I am talking about you, fair weather friend).
  2. Excused the chore of lugging watering cans up and down steps (lucky as a strategic tennis ball was positioned at the very top) (anyone else think this is a bit suspect?) (and what was that piece of paper I was asked to sign the other day?)
  3. Rapid weight loss, although unfortunately only temporary, it went straight back on when I partook of my early evening quart of Merrydown and black.
  4. Photogenic raindrops on refreshed flowers.

12 thoughts on “Bright Side

  1. Gill, you make me laugh as I eat my porridge and strawberries this morning. Gorgeous photo of the poppy with its black coronet.


  2. Wanted to log in yesterday to say – I completely agree with you, so I did it now. You made me laugh of course, although I know the feeling of ‘stewing like a turnip’ and is not nice at all (something that I don’t miss one bit). But, yes, then we have the advantages….


  3. Hot and dry here, with smoky skies and a red sun because of the forest fires. However, the forecast calls for us to be back in sync very soon. The prospect of rain makes me very happy, but it’s no fun to be out gardening in a downpour.


  4. Haha! Bet you’ve loved it and this is without any misinformation from Mr and Mrs Fish!!! Actually its not rained down here for 10 days and the watering continues….. as Mr Fish is concerned now that we are on a water meter so every drop is saved and dutifully carried out to water pots and as yet unknown new shrubs?! Tiny Cyclamens keep popping up everywhere though on daily basis……so encouraged that the soap suds aren’t doing them any harm!!

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  5. Lovely photo Gill. I well remember the feel of “mizzle” from long ago Very dry here with no moisture in sight. We are are enought away from the fires, but still get some smoke in the evenings. Watched several firefighters from American Samoa who came to work the big fire up north. You would have loved it, they sing in chorus as they finish the day. Reminded me of the Seven Dwarves: Hi Ho Hi Ho etc. Lovely voices.

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