eurybia divaricata

A couple of weeks ago I was in my doctor’s waiting room, quite happily making imaginary diagnoses of my fellow patients with one eye whilst reading a magazine with the other.  Do not try this at home, it is a skill I have taken years to perfect.   Just as I was about to find out who Baroness Fortescue-Dimblesquat was going to marry, my name was called.  Before enquiring about the possibility of an extra-pair-of-hands transplant, I complained that I had not been allowed to wait long enough.  “Reading a gardening mag?” he asked, “Good Lord no, I seldom read them!”.  He laughed “no I never watch medical dramas, I have enough of that gruesome stuff here”.  Which on reflection wasn’t comforting.

However one thing I did read in a magazine was that if you position Eurybia divaricata, formally known as Aster divaricatus and commonly known as the white wood aster, in the sun you are missing a trick.  Always keen to find good specimens for shady areas I moved some of these asters into the wooded area in Max’s garden.  Yesterday in the gloom these star-like flowers shone out like welcome beacons.  Perhaps I should start reading the press more often.

16 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Well, that’s handy to know. But I rather resent a plant that I have to call Eurybia.
    I never get to read handy hints at my doctor’s. As we don’t have a telly at home I am always riveted by the little tv telling me all about stanner stairlifts, shingles jabs and vitamins.

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  2. It’s the telly in my dentist’s waiting room that puts me off – the compulsory day time housebuying and house makeover shows that are designed to make the actual dentist a positive pleasure. Baroness Dimblesquat would be relief

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  3. That explains why it does so well in our garden.
    All magazines have long been removed from our surgery, apparently it can spread germs although on the plus side information. We now have a screen similar to Chloris!


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