Six on Saturday – Celebration

On the face of it there hasn’t been much to celebrate recently.  For quite a while now.  Most of the reasons, and there have been a fair few, have been, and are continuing to be, well documented.   Too many commas?  Perhaps.  In our little corner, just to add some spice to the mix, we have a new leak at the back of the house and our boiler threw a hissy fit on Tuesday and will not be fixed (at the earliest) until Monday.  Good job it isn’t cold and wet and miserable, that would be truly horrendous.  Wait a minute ……..  Still, where there is life and a multi-pack of kettle crisps there is hope and there is generally something to smile about in the garden.  My Six on Saturday will therefore be a celebration.  I will not be thwarted.  Not this week anyway.  If you would like to read the rest of the gangs’ contributions, a lovely optimistic lot they are too, pop on over to The Maestro Prop’s site to find out what is going on across the globe and beyond.

First we have a primula, and a rather lovely one at that.  It has been left to its own devices and, as things do, it has bulked up in a pleasing way over the last few years.  I don’t remember planting it, but this means little.

Now the seed head of Micanthus nepalensis, its contents jettisoned.  The skeleton a reminder of what was and what is to come.

A large piece of this rosemary snapped off a few weeks ago.  “Helpfully”, and yes the inverted commas are significant, my OH tidied up the broken piece that was sheltering a friendly snail.  Although a little battered, the flowers are defiant.

Well hello Muscari latifolium, please feel free to grow and become the beauty you are destined to become.  No need to be shy, we are all friends here.

I love the fiery red that some of the Pelargonium cordifolium var. rubrocinctum leaves have turned this winter.  Although this could possibly indicate stress, unhappiness or indeed despair, I dismiss this negativity and just enjoy the show.  Harsh, and not in the slightest bit fair.

And to conclude I will share something that is not lurking in my garden.  I hope I am forgiven.  Let me take you to the romantic setting of an industrial estate on the edge of Bideford, not far from the recycling centre and around the corner from the furniture warehouse.  It was here, after 34 years of unwedded bliss, myself and OH had a civil partnership.  It was very low key, just ourselves and our witnesses, the glorious Lord and Lady Mantle.  We then scooted off to the Burton Art Gallery for lunch.  As would befit the ocassion, myself and OH had chips and beer whilst the Mantles enjoyed galettes and fizz.  The sun shone.  It was lovely.  Although to be honest Lady M. could have looked a little jollier.  I am also slightly concerned that it was the registry office we visited and not Screwfix …..

Stay well friends, keep your chins pointed towards the sky and don’t lose the faith.  ‘Til next time.

46 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Celebration

  1. I’m a little miffed that you didn’t tell me earlier. I could have at least bought you a prezzie, like a tarpaulin to go over your latest leak. Or a packet of screws! Or a trolley for K to carry his new-found ball and chain around. Still, congratulations to the two of you.

    And, far from not smiling enough, Lady M was just trying to introduce some calm dignity into the lunacy which usually surrounds you whilst also working out which pawn shops she had yet to visit in the hunt for her missing tiara. Xx

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  2. One could never accuse you of rushing into commitment, so I can only congratulate you on what was a well considered decision! Love your dress, btw. And, like Fred, am so glad to have a Gill face now. A lovely one it is. Your other 5 are the usual lovelies, but #6 just has me beaming, so I can say no more. Screwfix would’ve been a lovely venue, btw.

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    1. Thank you Maggie, we didn’t tell anyone except my family and The Mantles before. We didn’t want a fuss. And then I went and blabbed! We were just out in town and bumped into Chambercombe Bob and his missus who said “congratulations”. OH was puzzled how they could possibly know. Oops. 😀


  3. Congratulations and best wishes for as many more years of happiness to come as you have both to now enjoyed. Is that sufficient, oh now meant to say great SOS and love the Muscari with its emerging leaf.

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  4. Yay! What a lovely #6 💐 and how nice to put a (pretty) face to a name. Congrats to you and the OH, long may you continue to cohabit in the style you have become accustomed to. 😀
    I must put Muscari latifolium on my autumn list. They are so sweet.


  5. That’s wonderful, how lovely to have something to celebrate in these grim times. Congratulations to you both. I do think your special occasion should have taken top billing, or at least come before a pelargonium leaf.

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  6. Congratulations – that’s fabulous news. Whilst I love seeing everyone’s plants there’s something about seeing pictures of people, especially on a happy day, that lifts the spirits above the botanical!

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  7. Congratulations! I forgot what I was about to say about the geranium. That is certainly an impressive six; well, at least the sixth one is. Perhaps Mrs. Mantle avoids smiling more because she is English.

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