Six on Saturday – A Catalogue of Errors

Another Six on Saturday, which for me has been the most discombobulating week since lockdown.  I can feel tension in the air.  Not in this house, luckily.  Not often anyway.  Strife is almost unheard of in the Six on Saturday Brotherhood, have a look at Our Guru The Most Properly Master of all Thing Prop’s post to find out what is going on in the rest of the world.  Hopefully all will be as well as can be expected.

Before we continue, I’ve heard a rumour, it is just a rumour so keep it to yourselves.  I wouldn’t want to get anyone excited just for their hopes to be dashed on the rocks of disappointment.  But still, there is a chance that someone is coming back.  But we must remain calm.  Let’s get on.  This week I am concentrating on my errors.  So good for the soul.

A few weeks ago, my Canadian friend Gabby asked if I grew any sisyrinchium in my garden.  I told her I didn’t.  Oops!  This is Sisyrinchium ‘E.K. Balls’, can you hear it sniggering at my ineptitude?  Quite how I forgot this little beauty is a mystery.

Onto Lilium ‘Forever Linda’, the one I mixed up with the stunning ‘Forever Susan’.  I’ve warmed to this lily.  I’m often inspire to hum the Luther Vandross song “Love the one you’re with” as I pass.

Yes, the boys are back in town.  The Bed of Anarchy is peppered with nasturtium seedlings, and they have now spread to the further reaches of the garden.  I was supposed to be vigilant.  I must have drifted off again.

Now for the heinous crime of  the “lost label”.  These are possibly a Rhodohypoxis baurii cultivar, or one of its mates.

Next a totally inappropriate purchase.  Yes another one.  May I introduce you to the magnificent Hydrangea aspera ‘Hot Chocolate’.  Fabulous foliage, and this shrub can reach 3m in height to show off all that beauty.  Never mind, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Finally, Geranium sylvaticum ‘Mayflower’.   Hard as I try, I can’t find fault with this one.  Ethereal blue, fine form, unfussy and very pleasing on the eye.

That’s it done for another week.  Keep safe and well my lovelies.

47 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – A Catalogue of Errors

  1. Great minds and all that….. I’ve just acquired a collection of Sisyrinchiums, curremtly squatting in the greenhouse. Well my exemplary ‘planned purchases only’ approach translates to “buy it and only then worry that you have nowhere to plant it”. Still, until the lawn supply runs out…..

    Keep on making mistakes. They’re fun.

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  2. I love the rich colours of Lilium ‘Forever Linda’ – it’s on my wishlist but somehow I just never get round to buying lily bulbs. Must put that right as my youngest daughter is Linda.

    The hydrangea foliage is quite unusual, hope you’re able to keep its size under control.😁 It looks beautiful but too large for my garden.

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  3. Yes, the sisrynchium is a sweet flower. I think I may have had one in my garden at some stage, but I’d quite forgotten about it. EK Balls is an awful name for such a plant, but it’s undoubtedly named after a person so I guess we have to grin and bear it. I had great difficulty growing nasturtiums last year. It must have been too hot as they resolutely refused to germinate.

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  4. Nice geranium, and your description is spot on for encouraging the acquisition of it! As for your nasturtium, should you ever think of sending me something, then a few seeds of that one found in the corner of the bag, would made me think that I was in luck! Your writing always makes me smile. Do you talk like this or only write?

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    1. I will definitely collect some seed for you, but I can’t promise that they will be this one, they are a jumble of colours. I’m glad to make you smile. I don’t know if I talk like I write, I suppose I must do, especially to those who know me. The words are what goes on in my head, which perhaps I shouldn’t always share! 🙂

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  5. There are lots of wild Sisyrinchium angustifolium in my garden, but I’d never really thought about it as a deliberately planted garden flower before. ‘EK Balls’ looks a lot more impressive than the little wildlings.

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  6. I think that like sweetgumandpines, I have Sisyrinchium angustifolium self sowing all around the garden. Taller than E K Balls, very fine leaves and very pale blue flowers. I’ll try to collect some seed. I have EKB but it doesn’t spread. @Mayflower’ rang a bell so I popped out to see if the Geranium I’ve been enjoying the last few days was that one and it was. It’s a beauty. I’m slowly liking Geraniums more, having banished oxonianum from the garden. Need to get rid of my inferior nodosum too. Many good ones, a few bad apples. ‘Orion’ could be one of my favourites this week.

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    1. You are right, the thugs have given geraniums a bad name. Just bought Anne Folkard again, hoping it will scramble through the border. Looking a bit pathetic and unscrambly at the moment to be honest. Fingers crossed. 🙂


  7. Not an error among them! You will not believe that my nasturtiums have not germinated so far! But those from last year did self seed so perhaps I will never be without them now. I see you sysirinchium is in a sink. I’ll have to note that for next year.

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  8. I love sisyrinchium and almost bought a lovely dark blue one last year and then I saw the price and decided against it, I shall stick with my unknown variety from a school fair plant table and an unknown yellow one from an open garden plant table. The yellow one isn’t as prolific as the blue so I am trying to encourage it round the garden. And after planting about fifty nasturtium seeds (none of those I planted the year before last seem to have set seed so last year was a poor year for them in my garden), I currently have two sets of tiny leaves. I may have to actually sow some ‘properly’ next year…

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  9. I have a Sisyrinchium in my Belfast sink, but it isn’t flowering at all well this year. I think the sink contents need replacing actually as nothing is doing awfully well in it now. Maybe I’ll fill it with sempervivums and cover it in the winter as I lost all those this winter too! My report card this year will be full of fails 😦
    PS I like your yellow nasturtium. I was going to buy some other colours this year, but haven’t as yet. The orange ones seed themselves around as badly as the FMNs,


  10. 3 metres of hydrangea . . . how long does it take to get that tall? Perhaps you won’t have to bear responsibility for it then. Does it flower? That nasturtium is eye wateringly splendid. I wish my mistakes were more like yours & less like . . . Gill’s Pot. I now have a Fred’s pot as well.

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  11. I’ve returned to your lovely blog after a long long period of gardening but no writing! But, I feel this lovely Six on Saturday idea may be a way back in for me… Favourite image here: Bed of Anarchy.

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