15 thoughts on “Ask No Questions

  1. So today we will all ask you to ask. Tomorrow you can tell us that you did the right thing by not asking. Thursday, we will tell OH to punish your impudence and you will tell us to go and sniff the roses. Friday we’ll all meet up on the pier for fish and chips cos that’s the right thing to do now.

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      1. Sorry. Is Delucci’s still there? We can have ice creams after the f&c as we stroll along the Quay, checking our eyesight by looking for Wales. πŸ€—

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  2. I won’t ask, but I am intrigued. They look like little bells that I used to hang on the Christmas tree. To warn off birds perhaps? Or maybe they’ve set up a meditation centre…

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  3. Ah, the wild gladiolus – ‘Whistling Jack’ according to one ‘Six on Saturday’ gardener. It is quite wonderful, and I have two clumps now, brought to me by the wind, or the birds, or similar!


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