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This is my first attempt at a Six on Saturday from scratch, using the new-fangled WordPress block editor. At the moment I haven’t located the link oojamaflip (I’ve never had to spell that word before, might need checking, I did, it was wrong, I corrected it, no-one will ever know) so you will have to find your own way to The Propagator and his blog of wonders. I have faith in your navigation skills. You know you can’t always have it handed to you on a plate, it is about time you did a little work for yourself. Having skilfully offended both the members of my audience, I will continue.

First, we have Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, a Six on Saturday favourite. And quite rightly so; although not blue, it is a rhapsody. The contemplation of this rose has taken me straight back to Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, and the dolly bird pilots Harmony, Melody, Rhapsody, and Symphony Angel. How I wanted to be in their gang. It turns out I never even got close.

Next, we have a pelargonium proving to the world just how wrong they can be. Over-wintered outside, sited in the shadiest spot of the garden, and happy as a pellie can be.

A wanderer in the garden, Gladiolus byzantinus, is always welcome wherever it pokes it head up. And always a relief that is not another bloomin’ crocosmia.

The tough as old boots Phlomis fruticosa is in full flower at the moment. It may be that I just haven’t noticed it before, but the blooms seem to be held on particularly long stalks this year.

I have become partial to a begonia. It might be an age thing, along with cardigans. Whilst doing some essential shopping I spotted these trailing variety and they became more important than the toilet rolls. Surely no-one could argue that point? I was tempted to draw two eyes on this flower. But that would have been very silly, and we can’t be having any of that nonsense.

The big red poppy, archetypal, is holding its flower heads to the side this year. Another strange phenomena (along with the long stalked phlomis, in case you skimmed over that bit). Lucky catch of a visitor to the busby centre.

That’s it for another week my friends. Next week, flaming June. Stay safe and well.

42 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Linkless

  1. That rose is a star! I commiserate with using the new WordPress editor for the first time. I used it last week – it took me nearly all day to write the blog – finding out how to edit the pictures, get them into the media library, make them smaller, aargh. And don’t start me on cutting and pasting the bit to link to Our Leader. Slightly better this week. Great poppy and I am very fond of the glad.

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  2. This week, I do like the dark red of your poppy but also the flowers of Phlomis with this beautiful blue sky. I’m trying begonia stem cuttings, just the same like yours. We’ll see if it works.

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  3. Once my Rhapsody in blue starts, it keeps going for months. Lovely pelagoniums and poppies this week. Keep on with the silliness, there’s always room for it in my garden anyway. 🤭👩‍🌾🤔

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  4. Just like when you pin the tail on a donkey I’m left wondering where exactly you would have drawn the eyes!
    For the past 12 years we’ve been walking past two good clumps of gladiolus byzantinus growing in the hedgerow near to us and they’e been getting stronger and looking beter and better as time has gone on. That was until last week when someone attempted to dig them up! 😠 Sorry, still don’t like Rhapsody in blue.

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  5. I do hope you were underneath the phlomia when you took that photo, rather that they towered over you. Altho the latter would be interesting, now that I think about it. That pele’s colour is stupendous. Love it. If begonia love comes w/age, I must have a few decades ahead of me, as I’ve never grown fond of them. This one does look like a mouth, so eyes would’ve been welcomed.

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  6. I used to have a big red poppy like yours, but it died. Now I’ve come over all nostalgic. All I can say for the people who don’t like Begonias is Begonia luxurians, or sikkimensis or sizemoreae.

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  7. Did you know that Gill Heavens has exactly the same gardening boots as you? 😲 I was astounded when I saw her comment on Katherine’s post. Is this what all the trendy young gardeners are wearing? That’s the first thing I will buy after the shops open again……..or did you buy them at a garden centre? 🤔👩‍🌾👢👢

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  8. Your posts are always so entertaining – thank you, they’re a joy to read. Clever you with your outdoor Pellie – I wouldn’t dare attempt it here. It looks beautiful – and none the worse for spending winter outdoors. 😁

    I also have Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ and the first buds are just about to open. Perhaps tomorrow, I must remember to have the camera ready.

    I gave up with the Block Editor, I couldn’t get the theme to work the way I wanted it to. I can see the need for it if you’re using a tablet or mobile, but I almost exclusively use desktop. If you master it award yourself five gold stars.

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      1. From the brief time I have spent playing with the new editor I think the link option is on the top toolbar. You simply highlight the text and then click on the link button and paste in the link. There is an option to open it in a new window. I still think this editor is overkill for most hobbyist bloggers.

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  9. Such a colourful six, Gill, and I couldn’t choose a favourite. Was it the ‘blue’ rose, or the poppy? Both splendid. I laughed out loud at your begonias and cardigans comment. I wouldn’t be able to grow begonias here, but have greatly admired some of the more decorative ones I’ve seen on recent travels. And I wear cardigans. Occasionally.

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  10. Gladiolus byzantinus looks interesting. I saw it in a catalog years ago. I sort of wanted to try it because the common gladiolus are not perennial for long here, although some linger for years. Someone sent me Gladiolus papilio, which I am very pleased with. I am told that they can get a bit too prolific, but I am not worried about it yet. Gladiolus byzantinus has a richer color.


  11. I ordered Gladiolus byzantinus from the well known SR who stated they were the genuine article. Well mine are a much paler breed, pretty, but they don’t seem to spread very quickly and they are not the brilliant iridescent deep colour of those that are genuine.

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  12. I gave up with BE. I found the link button but couldn’t work out how to rename the link. I’ll have to get in touch with Hey Jude, she seems on the ball. I think I ordered those gladiolus from SR but perhaps a different variety, I’ll have to check. Yours have a great colour so I’m hoping they are the same. I also love the pellie and envying the poppy – I still can’t grow a poppy from seed!

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    1. Now I can help you out with the link thing, I struggled with that as well. Type the name you want first, then highlight it and click on the link button and fill in the destination. Fingers crossed for you gladdies.


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