Six on Saturday – Slack

I haven’t been here for a few weeks, but possibly you were. What did I miss? Anything much? Any scandal or intrigue to report? Of course, I’m talking about Six on Saturday. For the few sorry folk that haven’t come across this mega-meme, there is no need to feel embarrassed. If you pop over to The Prop’s site, you can study all the intricacies and many codicils attached to this world famous weekly event. For the more impatient here is a précis: Six. On Saturday. I have been a little slack for a while on the blogging front, but rest assured I have been very taut elsewhere. Let us see if I can remember how it is done.

First, we have Helichrysum bracteatum, the strawflower. It is one of my feeble attempts at front of house bedding this year. Too tall, not floriferous enough; but on its own, in its own right, it is rather lovely.

Now onto Dahlia ‘Verone’s Obsidian’ which I believe is one of the honkas. I’m a little confused as to its real identity. This its first flower to bloom successfully and even that is a bit wonky. A little more honking and a little less getting scoffed by snails would be nice.

Next Hedychium ‘Pradhanii’, the only flower worth a public showing. Pots have been shuffled recently and this stunning ginger has unfortunately found itself in direct rotary washing line range. Each time our matching “his and hers” lederhosen whizz around in the breeze they whack this poor beauty in the mooch. I should move it really. It makes sense.

Onto someone looking very guilty “It wasn’t me guv, I just sat down for a rest and the big hole was here already”. I believe you.

Now Heliotropium arborescens ‘Chatsworth’ purchased a few weeks ago on a birthday visit to Atlantic Botanic nursery with my old mucker Hero. I have grown this Cherry Pie fragrant lovely before, but it didn’t make it through the winter. Fingers crossed for this one.

And finally, Salvia involucrata ‘Hadspen’; pure dazzling pink furry joy.

All done. I might try this SoSing again, it wasn’t too bad after all. Take care, my friends, I’ll see you in the gloaming.

34 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Slack

  1. Mega memes, intricacies, codicils, slack and taut, lederhosen? It’s good to read your SOS, a chara. I do enjoy a hearty chuckle. Do return again!
    More to the point, Salvia involucrata is the prettiest. I’ll brush up on my Latin… probably by next Tuesday. Have a lovely weekend, Gill.

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  2. We missed you a lot during this absence but you make up for it well with these six pretty things. (You see how polite I am …).
    In any case, everyone can take the time to do something else and I’m quite sure that the Prop won’t blame you.
    Very pretty pics as usual and that (potentially guilty) fly made me smile this morning

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  3. I tried strawflowers for the first time this year – took ages to get going and, as you say, not very forthcoming with the flowers, but I have several more with buds forming so am hoping for a last-minute dash. But as least we can keep them in a vase for ages – so that’s a bonus 🙂

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  4. Isn’t it great that the camera can show up the positives…fab pictures. Don’t bother to check for previous gossip, just keep up now! I don’t think this meme is going to fade away. Your sort of birthday visits are the best…I still have not managed to have my delayed Bristol Botanic Gardens visit on my ‘Official Birthday’, which falls on whichever date is best suited for visits!

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  5. I have had a bit of time off blogging too; I’ve been too busy with a new project. Lovely six.. I love the hedychium and Salvia involucrata ‘Hadspen’. Yes, ‘Verone’s Obsidian’ is also known as ‘Honka Black’. I have several Honka babies in different colours, all lovely.

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  6. I don’t think you’ve missed too much drama, but you’ve been missed, I always enjoy your posts. Nice to see you back again.
    The delicate colour of your strawflower is quite beautiful and I think perhaps the little guy on the leaf is just too full to fly away. Oooo – that Salvia is beautiful.

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  7. Strawflower? I had not heard that name in a while. It seems that most have more glamorous names for it. When I was a kid, it was a main cut flower crop in the fields behind my Pa’s home in Montara.


  8. Some laugh out loud moments in your post, Gill, especially your his and hers lederhosen.
    Last spring, on a visit to the Sydney botanical gardens, a meadow of helychrysum took my breath away. I think they are lovely: in ones and twos, or en masse.
    I’m glad Chloris explained about Honkas, as I thought I’d come across some new SoS gardening term.


  9. Are the strawflowers the ones you can keep and dry? The sort that filled a dusty vase on the sideboard and dressing table in the 1970s? Perhaps like houseplants and macramé they will soon be revived. I do like your photo of them. I might be tempted to have go at growing some.

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  10. A lovely selection again Gill. I wish I could smell the Cherry Pie scent but what a pretty flower that is. New to me so I’m pleased you’ve shared it. Best wishes.


  11. i fully support your more honking drive. mine have also been doing less honking that what they oughta. technically speaking, i don’t have any honka dahlias, but i am broadening the definition to include normal flowering behaviour for dahlias. more honking! and as for being eaten, less of that sort of thing!

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