Six on Saturday – Slack

I haven’t been here for a few weeks, but possibly you were. What did I miss? Anything much? Any scandal or intrigue to report? Of course, I’m talking about Six on Saturday. For the few sorry folk that haven’t come across this mega-meme, there is no need to feel embarrassed. If you pop over to The Prop’s site, you can study all the intricacies and many codicils attached to this world famous weekly event. For the more impatient here is a précis: Six. On Saturday. I have been a little slack for a while on the blogging front, but rest assured I have been very taut elsewhere. Let us see if I can remember how it is done.

First, we have Helichrysum bracteatum, the strawflower. It is one of my feeble attempts at front of house bedding this year. Too tall, not floriferous enough; but on its own, in its own right, it is rather lovely.

Now onto Dahlia ‘Verone’s Obsidian’ which I believe is one of the honkas. I’m a little confused as to its real identity. This its first flower to bloom successfully and even that is a bit wonky. A little more honking and a little less getting scoffed by snails would be nice.

Next Hedychium ‘Pradhanii’, the only flower worth a public showing. Pots have been shuffled recently and this stunning ginger has unfortunately found itself in direct rotary washing line range. Each time our matching “his and hers” lederhosen whizz around in the breeze they whack this poor beauty in the mooch. I should move it really. It makes sense.

Onto someone looking very guilty “It wasn’t me guv, I just sat down for a rest and the big hole was here already”. I believe you.

Now Heliotropium arborescens ‘Chatsworth’ purchased a few weeks ago on a birthday visit to Atlantic Botanic nursery with my old mucker Hero. I have grown this Cherry Pie fragrant lovely before, but it didn’t make it through the winter. Fingers crossed for this one.

And finally, Salvia involucrata ‘Hadspen’; pure dazzling pink furry joy.

All done. I might try this SoSing again, it wasn’t too bad after all. Take care, my friends, I’ll see you in the gloaming.

Six on Saturday – Wet and Dry

My week panned out as follows: wet, dry, wet, slightly soggy, sunny.  It could have been worse.  I might have had a leak in both my boots and my waterproof trousers.   Luckily it was only one of the two.  Gardening has been done, but unfortunately none in my own garden.  Which possibly will not come as a surprise.  Still, it soldiers on.   And we have arrived, as is inevitable as all roads lead here, to Six on Saturday.   Undoubtedly other Six on Saturdayers are more in control of their own destiny.  To confirm this fact, The Propping Maestro’s site will reveal what a zillion other participants (fair and true without exception) have been up to.

Shall we begin with a humble beauty?  Humble is far from a bad thing.  We would benefit from much more.  I describe it as such as it is neither a rare exotic or challenging to grow.  It is a cosmos.  I was expecting another Seashell Mix but someone else turned up.  I don’t care.  I love it.

Next are a couple of canoodling New Guinea Impatiens.  These are favourites of mine, and although the flowers are prone to disfigurement, they make fine summer bedding for tricky places.

We have been battling a mystery climber, ensconced long before our arrival.  Its wicked tendrils swamping and strangling in a manner not conducive to friendly play.  Today, it revealed its true self.  Hops.  Strangely, I am now warming to it.

Now a single flower from the spike of Hedychium ‘Pradhanii’.  I will tell you it is an artistic shot.  The truth is the spike is rather haphazard and unimpressive.  This is its most photogenic side.  A diva must be placated.

Now Tithonia rotundiflora ‘Torch’ that has managed to push through the mob to show its lovely head.  Thank goodness for that.  I had wondered what had become of it.  Only in a slightly detached way, I never sent out a search party.

Finally Alyogyne huegelli.  Anyone got a clue how to say that?  Not me.  Grown from seed this year, it is rather lovely.

’til next time, my friends!


Six on Saturday – Once More

Roscoea purpurea

It is the weekend again and what does that mean?  No not roller disco and pints of piña colada,  it means it is Six on Saturday time!  Thanks to The Propagator for hosting this meme.

Firstly we have Roscoea purpurea, it is a dark leaved variety so may well have another name. I’m afraid any label is lost in the jungle, but I may well come across it in the future.  I am a big fan of the ginger family and, if I was to be honest about it, I have too many for my tiny garden.  And if I lose their labels I’m not sure I deserve them.  But I won’t learn.  As you will see very soon.

I buy a lot of plants.   Most of these are for other people.  It is always enjoyable spending other people’s money but sometimes it is hard to let go of my purchases.  Occasionally they have to be prised out of my hands.  This week was different and I indulged myself with two new exotics, Globba schomburgkii and Hedychium ‘Pradhanii’.  Both in the ginger family.  Oops, here we go again!  There is nowhere for them to be planted out at the moment, but I don’t care.  They are mine, all mine! For the moment they will be quite happy to remain in pots, where I can keep a close and happy eye on them.  Here is the gorgeous globba.

Globba schomburgkii

Globba schomburgkii

In my mind it is hard to beat an osteospermum and this one is no exception.  An unnamed cheap and cheerful number, living in a pot outside my back door, it rewards me with a smile every morning.



Next we have Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’ which was a gift from my friend Torrington Tina.  Such a pure red, I love it.

Salvia 'Royal Bumble'

Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’

Now for a mystery rose.  It was in the garden when we arrived and has been a stalwart.   This particular bloom is a nice surprise after the main tranche of fllowering earlier in the summer.


Mystery Rose

Lastly we have a penstemon.  Another genus that I have a lot of admiration for.   This particular one comes from a cutting I took in one of my client’s gardens (with permission obviously).  It is tall and dark and moody.  Perhaps ‘Raven’.  Whatever its name, it is a great beauty.

Penstemon 'Raven'

Penstemon ‘Raven’ (perhaps)

Thanks again Mr P, that’s another Saturday Six sorted, now where did I leave my leg warmers …….