Six on Saturday – Crisis? What Crisis?*

Second week in and 2021 is already looking rather tarnished. I’ve got an idea. Let’s buff it up, reintroduce a shine, give it a serious Six on Saturday make-over. If you visit the SoS Housekeeper’s site you will find a battalion of us from across the globe, armed with dusters, doing a bit of polishing, making their own corners sparkle. Without further analogy, which to be honest was getting a little out of hand, let us get on.

We start with Osteospermum ‘Double Berry Purple’, an oldie but goodie. This flower has been stuck in the self same position for the past few weeks, like a horticultural game of musical statues. Perhaps it opens and closes when I’m not looking. It may even do the oki-coki.

Next, we have Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Tom Thumb’, dark, shiny and mysterious, like my soul. Not really, my soul is made of candyfloss.

On to a moth eaten viola, still, to my mind, quite beautiful. But then again I always did like the waif and stray, the underdog forever has my backing. Nice pop of orange too.

Now Erysimum linifolium ‘Variegatum’ which is a wallflower made of stern stuff. It grows in the gravel edge to a paved area, it is continually trampled to avoid bashing your head on the rotary clothes line, and swamped by its neighbours. No complaining, it just gets on with the job. Good chap.

Next a Miscanthus napalensis seed head, its golden locks now turned to grey. I think it very distinguished.

Finally, Vinca difformis ‘Jenny Pym’; always a joy, never a nuisance (not yet anyway), and so welcome in these chilly hours.

That is your lot, hope you feel the world is shining a little bit brighter now. Until next time, stay safe and well.

*with thanks to Supertramp

33 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Crisis? What Crisis?*

  1. A cheering six. Jenny Pym is very pretty. My vinca can be a major nuisance – the flowers are nice though! I thought the viola was some unusual exotic looking flower initially. Mine have been constantly nibbled on this winter and quite a few have snuffed it. I must try and get some more.

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  2. That viola really zings! Just what we need to cheer us up. I love finding plants in flower at this time of year. My annual garden Christmas count was really good this year, as I found 34, although that did include a daisy on the lawn 😁

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  3. When I first looked at the top picture I thought Chrysanthemum, but it turned out to be Osteospermum ‘Double Berry Purple’. Such a beauty…in time, before you move a couple of offsets/aka rooted cuttings would be much appreciated: you would have an ‘insurance’ and be able to ask for some back another year? The colour of the viola is a real pop of joy. You have hinted and I take up the challenge, a bit of spring cleaning may be in order.

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  4. I share your love of Erysimum. I have ‘Bowles’ Mauve’ which is another that keeps on and on. Easy to grow from a cutting too, which is always a bonus.

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  5. Pretty colours at this time of year. Why do grasses and men look distinguished as they turn grey whereas I just look old? Never mind, GGHI is quite expert at applying the “Iced Chocolate L’Oréal Casting Creme Gloss”………to my hair, not his!🤔😉

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  6. Hi Gill, lots of pretty colours this week with a special mention for osteospermum.
    Vinca, did you say vinca? … I’m going to go and see in the wood this afternoon if there are any …it seems so…

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  7. Ah, Vinca. As someone said it does have inclinations. The one in my garden came from my neighbour over a 5 foot high bank into the bed my side, rampaged until I dug it out. It is now going back over the bank from whence it came. The only problem is it is new owners in the house and they are not pleased as they don’t believe it started in their garden. Oh well.


    1. I expect that is Vinca major which is a bit more “vigorous” than this one. At least it isn’t too hard to pull up. Sounds like it is going too and fro from you to your neighbours, hope they don’t get too grumpy about it!


  8. Oh gee, my six were not exactly polished. I did not get a single picture of a flower this week. Nor is there a picture of Rhody. Perhaps six pictures of Rhody were in order.
    I am not familiar with that osteospermum, but I do not keep up with cultivars anyway. I still prefer the even more old fashioned freeway daisy. Yours looks like a chrysanthemum.


  9. Pittosporum tenuifolium is looking superb, what a great collection you have mustered for us. Yes please to a make over, I plan to start mine in the warmer weather of next week when I shall take the blackcurrants in hand.

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