Six on Saturday – Waiting

My photos for this Six on Saturday were restrained by the fact I had to be within hearing distance of the phone. OH was out doing the weekly shop, God bless him, and I was on high alert, loitering within ear-shot. Therefore, all pictures had to be taken within two leaps of the back door. As it happens, I could have wandered further. I was waiting for the call that never came, like some love sick teenager. Please pop on over to The Prop’s site and check out the other SoS who I am sure were more adventurous. Let us proceed.

First, we have a peek-a-boo Fuchsia ‘Eruption’ screaming “why are you denying my time to shine!”. Fleeced up for protection, it has managed to poke a couple of flowers out of a weak point in the defences. You will be pleased to hear, it is all tucked back in and cosy again.

Next, a Cornus ‘Porlock’ seedling, which is supposed to be deciduous but hasn’t been caught on yet. Perhaps cornus are like beech trees and hold onto their leaves whilst young. Yet another plant in waiting, we are all waiting.

Now, a ravaged leaf, ripped from the nearby brugmansia by the wicked wind, dumped on the steps and subsequently chewed.

Onto Callistemon masotti, presenting fat buds to aid our dreaming.

Whilst lurking I opened up my little plastic greenhouse for a breath of fresh air and at the same time had a poke about to see what had been happening. All the while listening out for a ring, of course. The sempervivum were looking quite fine and most dandy.

Lastly, hidden beneath the shifted fuchsia fleece, a lone Iris reticulata bud. This is the lolly-labelled pot, whose identification had biodegraded rather prematurely, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you the cultivar. Made me smile though.

Six on Saturday completed for another week, I hope you lot are all doing well and staying safe. All fine here. Like Vladimir and Estragon, I’ll must be getting on with my waiting.

33 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Waiting

  1. I should really go and goole Vladimir & Estragon. Is the clue in “gon” as in gone? Or is it “imir” as in I’m here? 🤔
    Your description of the events prior to The Chewing are quite brilliant… ravaged, ripped, dumped… There’s a writer just waiting to publish.
    He photograph of the sempervivium is lovely too.

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  2. Ooh… the first signs of irises!
    I have to think about adding callistemon to my garden. Our area is pretty much the same and my brother-in-law near Paris grows them up too. I can’t wait to have these bottlebrush flowers in my garden.

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  3. ‘Porlock’ is kousa x capitata, a recipe for confusion in the progeny. There’s a back story to the sempervivum pot I’m guessing, that might be obvious, or might not, or might not exist, could have been an Aldi baked bean can.

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    1. Oh that is interesting Jim, I wonder what mine might bring?! The pot was coffee my brother bought in Africa and posted to me from his home in The Netherlands. The customs opened it and poked around a bit then send it on. I decided not to drink it, having a vivid imagination, and thought I would use it as a pot instead, with a couple of holes in stabbed in the bottom. 🙂

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  4. I am considering getting a Callistemon this year as I want to have fewer pots, but bigger ones so they don’t need as much attention. I see you have yours in a pot so any ideas of the best variety? Size of pot? As for the irises I have several George (I think) that have appeared in their pots (from last year) and one blue one, possibly Harmony, in the raised bed. I thought they were early until I looked at a post from last January.

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    1. This one has been great in a pot, and it is totally ignored apart from admiring its flowers. Rarely gets a water, might get a feed once a year. Is George a lighter blue one? I think I had that once, but then again I think I had Harmony once too …..

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  5. Your semperviviums look right at home in their natty pot, I do like a bit of repurposing. Am still waiting for my iris reticulata to do their thing – as you point out, waiting is the theme these days!


  6. I like the thought of using old tins. I am always wondering whether to start a collection of the Golden syrup tins which have some interesting designs. The first Iris is the finest….

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  7. Brugmansia still has green leaves, but fuchsia is wrapped? I do nothing for either brugmansia or fuchsia, but the fuchsia are fine through winter, while the brugmansia lose their foliage to frost. The frost should not hurt them, but does ruin the foliage.

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  8. The peach tint at the edges of the cornus leaves is lovely. I enjoy forgetting about my sempervivums, many of which are partially buried in decomposing leaves and then discovering that they have been makingbgood use of the time to multiply. The iris photo is beautiful. That dark, perfectly shaped bud amidst the glowing green leaves.

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    1. Really pleased you like it, such a joy to find the iris doing its thing, unabashed. Have you got sempervivum pictures, forgotten or otherwise on your blog? Love plant, we should be honoured if they love us too. Stay safe and well 🙂


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