Green Jumpy Things

Professor Gadget (no dimwit) appears to have an abundance of green jumpy things in his garden. Last week this Incredible Hulk was lurking unabashed on Rosa ‘Wild Edric’. As I struggled, with a cursory hand wipe on my trousers, to grab my camera, he posed and preened, pleading “make sure you get my good side”. Unfortunately, I got his rather blurry side.

Fast forward to today, if you wish you might make wooey/wooshy noises to aid the effect. New week, new green friend. I am not sure this little chap, lurking in the flushed mouth of a gladioli, can leap or not, but he has some fine antennae whatever his preferred style of transportation might be. PG also has lots of feathered and spikey and many legged residents. This is a very good sign. It indicates balance and good organic practice. The rewards of this are minimal disease and few pests.

He might say the major pest arrives on a Tuesday morning, drinks all the coffee, eats a pasty and then scurries home. But I wouldn’t want to put words into his mouth.

5 thoughts on “Green Jumpy Things

  1. Green and jumpy I’m OK with and I’m tolerating caterpillars munching Nasturtiums and Dahlias, for the greater good, but if the thing in the gladiolus is what I think it is, which is green capsid, the greater good would have been set aside in favour of my good. Slugs, vine weevils and capsids are not welcome here.

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  2. It’s “gladiolus”. Singular. The “i” is plural. Please conform to horticultural norms. Otherwise how am I to stand a chance with the correctness of labelling? It’s bad enough when I’m told plant ? is x when, in fact, it’s y.

    As to Tuesdays……………. 🐱 (that’s from Buster)

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