Just a Heuchera

“All I need is a heuchera” said Professor Gadget as we entered the garden centre.

“Okeydokey” his faithful sidekick replied “just one heuchera it will be!” popping a little geum into the sweet mini trolley.

Unfortunately, The Prof didn’t find a heuchera he liked. He did, however, find a couple of other things to fill the gap in his life. I may have helped a little.

And we had to revise the trolley specification. Twice.

The best laid plans of mice and professors.

13 thoughts on “Just a Heuchera

  1. Well there was only one of those little trolleys available and rumour has it that it was deliberately placed for our use as part of their efforts to control addiction. Seems they failed. 🤓🌺🌷🌱🌿💐🌸🌻🌼🥟🍰🍻

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  2. I see posts such as this regularly and often feel I am an odd one out in this regard for I am never inclined to pick up lots of plants. I am not easily pleased – in most things in life! LOL A grumpy old man!

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