Six on Saturday – Pot Wars

Reporting from Limboland. Still no news on the house, which I suppose would negate our citizenship of Limboland, but I wanted to make it quite clear. Quite clear as to the mood. Tettering. Possibly the best word. There might be other words more appropriate. Still, I am but a single grain of sand in the dune that is SoS, check out the others at Chez Prop, you will love it. I’m late already so we had better shake a leg.

First, we have Fuchsia ‘Thalia’ which is just beginning to come into its own. I especially love the dangly fuchsias, or the triphylla for the more botanically minded of you. In the past few weeks I have struggled to keep my pots watered sufficiently, many need transplanting into either larger pots or the ground and are bursting to get out. Still, I persist, but they complain however hard I try.

Even the ginger mint is moaning, frazzled and weary. The flower is pretty though and the pollinators love it.

Onto Mandevilla laxa which should be climbing but has, quite wisely, decided to stay closer to the ground until all this uncertainty is resolved.

I am pleased that this Hedychium ‘Tara’ seedling is flowering, I thought it might sulk for a while. I waited as long as I could before I dug a piece up from our old garden as, on excellent authority, I believe it is best to wait until they just come into growth to move them. The flowers are not as big and juicy as usual, but I can forgive her that.

Next Pteris umbrosa, Jungle Brake, a tender fern from SE Australia. This one was actually from mid Devon, as I bought it at a Hardy Plant Society AGM. I chuck a piece of horti fleece over it during the worst of the weather and it has so far served me well. I’m very fond of it.

Finally we have the lax and lazy Impatiens puberula that is only bothering to pop out the odd bloom and that in a half hearted way. Earlier in the season I repotted this and cut it back hard, which might explain the reticence. Perhaps more than any, the impatiens have hated the dry and are top of the list when I’m watering.

Next year will be different. This time next year, Rodney, we’ll be millionaires!

That is your lot. Hope you are keeping well and happy. ‘Til next time.

27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Pot Wars

  1. Nice six. Suffice to say I have somehow mislaid my “plants I want” notebook. From which I need to delete Heuchera.

    I seem to remember your house completion target being October. Could you remind me which year? 🤔

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  2. A fine selection of plants. I’m impressed you’re keeping up with them all in pots, I’m afraid I’m a fairly lazy pot waterer, so most of my potted plants are looking pretty sorry for themselves by this point in the year. Obvious your circumstances have dictated the prevalence of pots for the time being!

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  3. Wow, impressive plants, the main thing is they are all still alive and some are looking very well! So nerve racking re the house, hope it works out, when I move back to Blighty I will launch a petition to adopt the Belgian house buying method – you make an offer, it is accepted, you have a legally binding contract…much less stressful!

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  4. The Hedychium is looking very good even if it’s not up to your usual high standards. It’s hard to keep some plants happy in a pot. Fingers crossed they (and you) will be able to get their roots down in some garden soil soon.

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  5. House moving is right up there on the stress level indicator, so no wonder you’re feeling ‘tettery’. You have a great selection of plants despite everything and the impatiens flower is very sweet, and I love the fuschia too, with its spangle of raindrops.

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  6. Oh, fingers crossed on the house purchase. It always seems to take longer than it should – well it does for us. Our Cornish dream took nearly a year, mainly because we found out that a public path ran through our conservatory! Well it had been diverted, but the paperwork had not been submitted or crossed off / paid for by the council!

    My problem with pots is that I don’t feed them! I usually remember to water, but not feed. I am a bad pot mom. 😣

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  7. Awesome ginger! It is interesting that the fancy gingers are more popular where winters are cooler. Most can grow out in the garden here, but are rare. Only common kahili ginger is . . . common. I do not believe that I have ever met ‘Tara’.

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  8. The flowers of this impatiens is original, the petals are crumpled: does it stay like that or is it because the flower has just opened?
    My mandevilla didn’t flower this summer … not hot enough I think? ( and I’m still waiting for my gingers to bloom too.. )

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