Six on Saturday – The Shock of the New

“Rain, rain come again.” And it has. And everything is a little more plumped and perky. Some stems have fallen from the shock of the new, others have a petticoat of petals as flowers were battered by the onslaught. They will recover from this rough treatment. I am getting slightly obsessive about water capture. Another obsession, just what I needed! I’m a little late on parade today so mustn’t tarry with waffle, pop over to The Prop if you fancy, I’m sure the gang will welcome you. Shall we proceed?

Bidens ‘Hannay’s Lemon Drop’ has begun to flower. It has wilted on and off during the dry weather and now is a little bedraggled. I wonder if I will rue the day I planted it here, as it does have a tendency to wander. Today, I am pleased I took a chance, as it towers above the border along with its fellow tall customers, Verbena bonariensis and multi-coloured sunflowers.

Another with a propensity to travel about a border is the achillea. Again, perhaps desperate for ground cover, I have planted a plant with attitude.

This is the first time I have grown zinnia, strange but true. I don’t know why, except they are little tricky to get going. Not sure I like this colour, but perhaps I do.

I might have forgotten to tell you about this little beauty, Colocasia esculenta. It has been on my wish list for a while and I happened upon one a few weeks ago in the plant sales of a NGS garden. Whoops!

Penstemon ‘Laura’ came to me as a plug plant while I was in North Devon and it has really come into its own this year. There is a very strong possibility that I was inspired by Graeme to get it. We shall blame him anyway. Thank you.

This is another gift from Welsh Ann, Rudbeckia fulgida, I believe. Yes, it may well need a little taming from time to time, but as with all of my exuberant ones, I shall share the love.

That is me done for another week. The rain is heavy outside. No need for watering today. Hope all your water butts are full. Live long and prosper.

24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – The Shock of the New

  1. I was rather undecided for zinnias but lately I had different colours and different varieties which allowed me to take advantage of their diversity a little more. Amazing flowers that resist very well to our hot summers of the last few years (and the next to come ..)
    I also have these Rudbeckia fulgida, … no flowers yet

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  2. Wow, your garden looks good!!! John is having another open garden and plant sale tomorrow if you’re interested 11-5. Tea, coffee and cake also available … xx

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  3. How does your garden grow? With silver bells and… no wait a minute. With lots of pretty things. I just cannot seem to grow achillea except for the common variety which has absolutely no problem! Zinnias and I don’t get on either, but I have managed to raise some Rudbeckia this year and 4 sunflowers! There were more but I stupidly planted them into the ground and next day – gone! Now I just have to hope the ones in the containers flower before the gales blow them down…

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    1. These achillea took a while to get going, they seem quite happy now. The only thing is I am not sure I like the pale pink one, it might get relocated (to someone else). Rudbeckia and sunflowers are the best!


  4. Objection! I have no recollection of this inciting/inspiring others to purchase a Penstemon ‘Laura’ (hastily searches past blogs with intention of deleting any references to it). It is lovely though and every garden should have at least one! That Zinnia is a lovely shade of something and wow to the Colocasia esculenta.

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  5. Did Colocasia esculenta grow that big in just the past few weeks, or did you bring it to the garden with foliage already developed? It does not look like it would be easy to move without damage to the foliage, but it was not likely still dormant a few weeks ago in July.

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  6. Another Star Trek fan? I’m a great fan of penstemons which rarely need watering…….that is, until this year.
    By the way, how can I be queen of the gladioli when you have already crowned me queen of the hollyhocks?


  7. I was given a similar Bidens a few years ago and loved it for a couple of years. Then it started wandering! I’ve given up trying to get rid of it. It stands up well to drought though. Definitely a love/hate plant.


  8. Oh how i wish my achillea would travel, they are often one or two season wonders here. It’s a very pretty penstemon too. And thanks are due, rain was received and more rain again today! It has changed my gardening mood! For the better obviously. 🙂


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