Six on Saturday – The Shock of the New

“Rain, rain come again.” And it has. And everything is a little more plumped and perky. Some stems have fallen from the shock of the new, others have a petticoat of petals as flowers were battered by the onslaught. They will recover from this rough treatment. I am getting slightly obsessive about water capture. AnotherContinue reading “Six on Saturday – The Shock of the New”

Bidens aureum “Hannay’s Lemon Drop”

The more I walk the gardens of this world, the more I am reminded just how little I know.  How is it possible that I have not come across Bidens aurea “Hannay’s Lemon Drop” before?  It is unlikely that I could have walked past this beauty and not been stopped in my tracks.  Supermodel elegant, fashionably lateContinue reading “Bidens aureum “Hannay’s Lemon Drop””