Six on Saturday – Happy Holidays

After a week or more away, I have come home to builders, scaffolding, inaccessible plants and a really vicious cold.  For this reason (and I will continue to blame everything on the builders including my poor health, who in reality are rather nice chaps, until further notice) my Six on Saturday will dwell on holidayContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Happy Holidays”

Bidens aureum “Hannay’s Lemon Drop”

The more I walk the gardens of this world, the more I am reminded just how little I know.  How is it possible that I have not come across Bidens aurea “Hannay’s Lemon Drop” before?  It is unlikely that I could have walked past this beauty and not been stopped in my tracks.  Supermodel elegant, fashionably lateContinue reading “Bidens aureum “Hannay’s Lemon Drop””