Bidens aureum “Hannay’s Lemon Drop”

IMG_4237The more I walk the gardens of this world, the more I am reminded just how little I know.  How is it possible that I have not come across Bidens aurea “Hannay’s Lemon Drop” before?  It is unlikely that I could have walked past this beauty and not been stopped in my tracks.  Supermodel elegant, fashionably late flowering, with chic-ly understated flowers, the only embellishment being each petal end is dunked in virginal white.  Of course there may be hidden secrets, not apparent on first meeting, perhaps invasive or short-lived or high maintenance.  For this instant I didn’t care about any potential foibles, I was happy to admire the perfect airy blooms against the clear autumnal sky.

8 thoughts on “Bidens aureum “Hannay’s Lemon Drop”

  1. When I was a young gardener, I used to be a frequent visit to Hannay’s nursery in Bath (now closed). It was wonderful and got me into more unusual perennials. Many of the plants I bought there, including Inula magnifica, Cephalaria gigantea and a tree peony are still going strong in my parents’ garden over 20 years later.


  2. Just ‘seen’ this at one of my clients gardens ~ not actually seen for the first time but to be able to put a name to it.
    I’m happy to say that it spreads but not intrusively and it seems to thrive on neglect!


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