Six on Saturday – Running Late

Here we are again, Six on Saturday time again, I’m running a little bit late. Because of my tardiness, this will most probably be concise but not necessarily accurate. You never know, once I get going anything could happen. If you want to check up on the rest of the gang, and of course the man himself, pop on over to The Propagator’s post and you will find a smörgåsbord for your delectation. Now let us proceed or there will complaints. Mr K might be very quiet at the moment, but believe me, he is lurking in the shadows and misses nothing!

First, we have Cautleya spicata, the Himalayan ginger, which is beautiful in many ways. It will take some frost, some shade and some “oh my, I forgot about you, I had better water/feed/unweedify you”. Gorgeous.

On to an unnamed pelargonium. When we first visited our house, I looked at the red brick steps that lead up to the garden and thought “I want to grow pots of pelargoniums on those steps”. And I did.

Now Linaria ‘Fairy Bouquet’. During the first few weeks of lockdown I wondered if I would be able to get my few bits of bedding that fill the planters at the front of the house. A rummage in the seed tin and I found a pack of these and duly sowed them. They have worked quite well. Unlike the two dahlias that have constantly been eaten down to ground level. Yesterday I rescued them, not before time.

Next an agapanthus that earlier in the season was shuffled. At great personal risk of injury, I dug out this monster, divided it, gave a massive chunk to Westwell Hall and another to my neighbour then replanted the remainder in a more appropriate place. Then I had a lie down. It is a thug which seeds at will and a battalion of snails live in its fleshy leaves, planning their night manoeuvres. I rather like it.

Let’s have something a little more genteel, the lovely Alyogyne huegellii. I’ve no idea how to pronounce it, I do know it is very pretty and is an anagram of ……. Answers please!

Lastly we have the definition of blue. I can’t stop looking at it, and occasionally stroking it whilst cooing words of love. Salvia ‘Blue Angel’, wonderful.

Adieu my friends, keep staying safe and well.

Six on Saturday – Gifts


I bunked off last week.  There was a very good excuse.  As no one seemed to notice I will continue unabashed.  I will bank the good excuse for another time.

Here we are again, Six on Saturday, the pyramid selling concern started by the President of Prop Towers, The Prop.  This tower should not be confused with Malory, Fawlty or indeed Trump.  God forbid.  There is oodles more intrigue, much better customer service and well, the least I can say is, a better haircut.

The weather has changed.  The rain arrived last night and brought with him a rowdy party of hail, thunder, lightning and gales.  He would have been more welcome on his own.

My first contribution is a flowering sedum.  When my OH appeared with this in hand I humoured him, “very nice, dear” I said, whilst barely raising an eye from my How to Crochet a Rocket Ship book.   When I saw the flower I repeated the sentiment, the difference being this time I meant it.

Lilium 'Casa Blanca'

Next we have Lilium ‘Casa Blanca’, both fragrant and fabulous.  A gift from the generous and kind, cunningly disguised as a grumpy, old man who will probably be even more grumpy now I have said nice things about him, Mr K.  Thanks, they are indeed a wonder to behold and sniff.


Just as I love tigers but wouldn’t particularly want one in my garden, petunias and me are not a happy gardening match.  They are sticky.  They make me go icky.  I like to look at them, admire them in other people’s gardens as long as I don’t have to work there.  My lovely neighbour gave me a pot of petunias for looking after her cats.  I smiled and accepted them as enthusiastically as I could muster.  I admit they are rather striking, attractive even.  A tiger would have been nice.

Alonsoa warscewiczii 'Scarlet'Several years ago I grew  Alonsoa warscewiczii ‘Scarlet’, the mask flower.  A magnificent colour, tough and persistent, it even over wintered for a couple of years.  Then a harsh one and it failed and drifted out of my consciousness.  In mine and Nancy’s “all seed packet 50p” frenzy at the local garden centre I picked up a packet.   Now I am rather pleased I had practiced my Boston crab.

Cautleya spicata 'Robusta'

Now we have Cautleya spicata ‘Robusta’, a member of the ginger family, that was donated by the lovely Phlomis Phlo.  It has been battered by scorch and now rain and wind so is perhaps not looking its best.  The fetching drip on the end of its nose brings a little pathos to the picture don’t you think?

dahlia seedling

And finally a dahlia seedling, whose parentage is a little vague.  Possibly Dahlia coccinea with a contribution from some passing Lothario.   Dark leaved, tangerine veined petals and a central boss of ginger, a beautiful love child.

Thanks Mr P, happy holidays to you.  Who knows what next week will bring?  Let us hope it is all good things.