Babes in the Wood

Euphorbia x martini 'Ascot Rainbow'

Unlike most of its compatriots, there is one planter at The Farm that will not be emptied for the winter.  This re-purposed concrete water trough contains a couple of Euphorbia x martini  ‘Ascot Rainbow’  and a trio of the golden-eyed blue daisy, Felicia amelloides.  The euphorbia is tough as old boots and although might look a little tatty by the end of the winter should resprout bright new foliage in the spring.  The felicia however is more sensitive and may or may not make it through.  However a few weeks ago I took some cuttings and have six well rooted plantlets cosied up in the greenhouse.  Today I noticed that a thick covering of beech leaves had been blown over the plants, covering them in a warm duvet.  Like babes in the wood they should be safe under their blanket until the spring.  We will see.