Trolley Dash

Actually we didn’t dash, we dawdled, but Trolley Dawdle doesn’t sound quite as good.   The rain was doing its best to scupper all hope of any gardening, so Max’s Dad and myself resorted to Plan B.  B stands for “better”, that is “better shopping”.   This was our first visit of the year to Marwood HillContinue reading “Trolley Dash”

All Horts – A very jolly Jolly

An All Horts day out at Marwood Hill Gardens, yipppeeee!  Hosted by yours truly, gulp.  This wonderful garden is located in the badlands of North Devon, with its fearful reputation, and I fretted that the turn out would be meagre.   In an attempt to boost numbers and to give the illusion that I was popular, I paidContinue reading “All Horts – A very jolly Jolly”


Although on the whole I cannot praise my choice of career enough, I have to admit that gardening can sometimes be a lonely pursuit, especially for us jobbing gardeners.  Literally this is often true, the nature of the job means we work alone on a regular basis, but also spiritually – the opportunity to shareContinue reading “Understanding”