Lord Mantle certainly knows how to pack a trailer.  This task was project managed with precision. His Lordship instructed and I followed.  LM was officer in charge of collecting the raw material, delivering to site, presenting to myself, pointing and saying “chop there”.  Naturally I excelled as chief chopper.  My duties entailed chopping when and where I was told to (generally). Any unruliness is solely down to later additions, made when he foolishly left me unattended whilst making scrambled eggs on toast for lunch.  I would imagine that it is once again in alphabetical order.

ps Lunch was lush!

11 thoughts on “Neat

  1. I was told a joke yesterday:
    “I have CDO. It’s like OCD but in alphabetical order.”
    Apparently it’s doing the rounds on facebook but I’d not seen it. Hey Ho.


  2. I wish I was the sort of person who could live their life in alphabetical order instead of the chaos that reigns here. Still, I make good scrambled eggs.


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