Happy New Plant


Another new year, another new plant.  This Sciadopitys verticillata, the Japanese Umbrella Pine, has irresistible charms.  It is true that I am not know for my resistance (generally futile), but when I noticed that this little darling was half price the die was well and truly cast.  A mere babe in arms at the moment, it has the potential of reaching 12m in height.  Until that point, which will hopefully not come too quickly, it is another one for the pot (terracotta not cooking).  Here it will wait patiently with the others until I move to my grand estate.  I know it will be very happy with me, as I am with it.

Wishing you all a magnificent 2017, may you both give and receive tolerance and empathy, may you share love and kindness with friends and strangers, and, most important of all, may you indulge in regular disco dancing marathons and drown in an ocean of laughter.  xxx


22 thoughts on “Happy New Plant

  1. Sounds like a fun year ahead! Thanks to my niece Martha I am already in training for the disco dancing marathons. I will need to work on the laughter. Hoping very much we will succeed in meeting up this year … and if you are down this way you are welcome to come and stay. Good luck with the Sciadopitys. A fine and intriguing plant.

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  2. Mr TT and I have not been to a disco for a while but we do have some fond memories of doing the twist – no, we are not THAT old! Happy New Year to you, too and Happy Gardening. x

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  3. ‘tolerance and empathy’ are something I could really do with right now, having family members staying for a rather extended Christmas/New Year break … lots of deep breathing, counting to 100 and visits to the poly tunnel to water things that don’t need watering … !!!!! Happy New Year! 🙂

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  4. That’s a fine little specimen you have there. Give it lots of hugs – it may feel lonely, being the only member of its family and genus. When will we see the other plants? Don’t expect us to believe you only bought one! I’ve had to give up disco dancing; I find the effort of getting out of a chair so hard these days that I always need a sit down to recover. Having wished you a great New Year, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a happy and plantiful one too. xx

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  5. A very happy New Year to you & himself. Thought you might like to know that I was dragged up twice last week to dance with a retired young lady at the CB. My ‘Dad’ dancing needs a bit of improvement!!
    BTW, can’t find the plant in any of my books.


  6. The temperature is hovering around 0 deg. C here and there’s been more snow. I imagine all of the garden centres are deserted. I will have to live out my new plant ambitions through you, vicariously. Happy New Year!

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