Six on Saturday – Hot, Not Bothered

Well that was a hot one, wasn’t it?! First time this year I’ve said those immortal words “It’s too hot!”. They definitely weren’t ideal working conditions, there was a lot of skulking in the shadows. Someone who throughout our mini-heat wave was undoubtably as cool as a cucumber frozen into an iceberg, was our leader The Prop. Pop on over to his blog and all SoS secrets will be revealed. Most of them anyway. Pop over to Mr K to get the uncensored version. Of course, the warm weather seldom lasts for long and we are now back to a brisk breeze and showers. What the poor plants are thinking, I can only guess. Let us proceed with my Six on Saturday.

First, we have Lycianthes rantonnetii, AKA Solanum rantonnetti, AKA a posh shrubby spud. During my annual (at least) shuffle this was moved and quite frankly my dear didn’t give a damn.

Next, we have ginger mint. So pretty, but still confined in a pot to restrict its garden domination. I have the standard, not sure exactly what it is, mint as well, which is used for the new potatoes. I might give this a go, it could have interesting results. Or maybe tea?

Sciadopitys verticillata, the Japanese umbrella pine, again in a pot. Mistreated but loved. I often give it a sideways glance as I pass, wondering what it could be if allowed to spread its roots. At the moment it is heading for bonsai territory. As I have said before, I am not a great lover of conifers, except this one, and pines, and all the redwoods, and wollemi of course, and cryptomeria, and …..

Iris ensata ‘Moonlight Waves’ struggled with the dry and then the wind and rain. This slightly battered flower, one of only two on my new plant, is still magnificent. Next year Rodney.

This feather had fallen onto the leaf of a Japanese anemone that has worked its way through our garden wall from next door. I thought it looked like an exotic insect. Until it rained, then it looked like a wet feather.

Lastly, we have Callistemon masotti, scarlet and golden tipped. The terracotta pot it is living in disintegrated a few weeks ago. We hadn’t another one to replace it and as we were in meltdown lockdown, we couldn’t buy another. So my handy man about the house glued it back together again. It doesn’t seem to have minded a bit of gorilla glue about the roots.

That is your lot, take care of yourselves. Same time next week, hopefully.

Ipheion uniflorum ‘Rolf Fiedler’

Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler'

This year my lovely boss (me) has decided to let me take January off.  There are many reasons for this, the most important being that I want to.  This does not mean that you will be party to the same generosity.  No, the blog will continue, perhaps in a more random manner.  Yes, you heard right, even more random.  That means I will be sorting my photos and meandering down memory lane.  I will be catching up with friends and visiting a few gardens.  I will be sorting stuff, my tools, my seed, my plants, my head.  And, drum roll please, I will be working in my own garden.

Which is exactly what I did for a couple of hours this afternoon.  One of our two misplaced apple trees was pruned.  It is far to big for our small plot (says the gal who has just bought a 12m conifer), the crows enjoy the fruit before we can get to them and those that they knock off in their vigour turn to mush.  If I had my way it would be gone, along with the other, but this is a democracy and I have conceded.  For the moment.  There may be an “oops” moment in the future. I potted up the Sciadopitys verticillata and the pack of six Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ I purchased earlier at the garden centre (did I fail to mention this visit …..).  There was weeding and chopping and planning.

I also checked my little plastic greenhouse, the act of which is becoming increasingly treacherous due to a dodgy zip.  Here I found that the diminutive Ipheion uniflorum ‘Rolf Fiedler’, stored safe and sound against the cold and wet, had begun to flower.  Such a beauty.

Happy New Plant


Another new year, another new plant.  This Sciadopitys verticillata, the Japanese Umbrella Pine, has irresistible charms.  It is true that I am not know for my resistance (generally futile), but when I noticed that this little darling was half price the die was well and truly cast.  A mere babe in arms at the moment, it has the potential of reaching 12m in height.  Until that point, which will hopefully not come too quickly, it is another one for the pot (terracotta not cooking).  Here it will wait patiently with the others until I move to my grand estate.  I know it will be very happy with me, as I am with it.

Wishing you all a magnificent 2017, may you both give and receive tolerance and empathy, may you share love and kindness with friends and strangers, and, most important of all, may you indulge in regular disco dancing marathons and drown in an ocean of laughter.  xxx