Six on Saturday – Spoilt for Choice

What a difference six months makes in the world of Six on Saturday. In the depths of winter I was scrabbling around, wondering if a vaguely interestingly shaped stone would suffice. Today, foraging the garden for SoS options, I was spoilt for choice. I snapped away, eventually whittling the options down to ten. This obviouslyContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Spoilt for Choice”

Six on Saturday – Hot, Not Bothered

Well that was a hot one, wasn’t it?! First time this year I’ve said those immortal words “It’s too hot!”. They definitely weren’t ideal working conditions, there was a lot of skulking in the shadows. Someone who throughout our mini-heat wave was undoubtably as cool as a cucumber frozen into an iceberg, was our leaderContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Hot, Not Bothered”

Iris ensata ‘Moonlight Waves’

An altogether satisfactory day at the Mantle Estate with a plethora of subjects for discussion. Being so spoilt for choice it has been difficult to decide which highlight to share.  Should it be: Top tips on getting raspberry jam out of a pale blue linen shirt two minutes before Lord Mantle was due to headContinue reading “Iris ensata ‘Moonlight Waves’”