Iris ensata ‘Moonlight Waves’

Iris ensata 'Moonlight Waves'

An altogether satisfactory day at the Mantle Estate with a plethora of subjects for discussion. Being so spoilt for choice it has been difficult to decide which highlight to share.  Should it be:

  1. Top tips on getting raspberry jam out of a pale blue linen shirt two minutes before Lord Mantle was due to head north on a top secret assignment.
  2. The deep-pink hedgerow-tangled dog roses or perhaps head-heavy floribundas.
  3. The first dragonfly pupa emerging from the pond, unfurling in a mesmeric floor show.
  4. Zantedeschia flowers the colour of night.
  5. Digitalis lutea, the yellow foxglove, with its buttercream blooms.
  6. Slasher’s fine hedge trimming and alpine strawberry harvesting.
  7. Her Ladyship’s near perfect sandwich construction.

No, none of the aforementioned made the final cut.  The winner was the enchanting Iris ensata ‘Moonlight Waves’, whose lime tinged flowers manage to combine the characteristics of solid and elegant.  A little like me, I delude myself.

9 thoughts on “Iris ensata ‘Moonlight Waves’

  1. Beautiful (I suppose I should add “like you”). It’s a pity that I don’t have the right conditions here to grow ensata varieties (nor do I have the energy to lift baskets of them out of the pond every autumn).


    1. May I add an answer to (1). Get a pure white handkerchief. Dampen it and, if necessary, wring out to minimise the dampness. Then get a jar of jam. Dip aforementioned hanky in aforementioned jam. Rub aforementioned hanky in one place on indirectly aforementioned shirt. Repeat process until jam runs out. Spray shirt with aerosol antiperspirant (this deters flies, wasps etc.). Proceed in knowledge that you now have a height-of-fashion shirt. Bask in the adulation.

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    1. I’m not sure I have the energy to take decisions! Or, indeed, make them. Though I do wonder how Gill declares all these (taxable) sandwiches to the taxman. For they are taxable! Payments in kind, don’t you know. Unless you’re a councillor in a local authority when you can claim an allowance to attend a free meal …….

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