Salvia argentea – The Silver Sage

Salvia argentea

Salvia argentea, the Silver Sage.   Do I sound like The News at 10.00?  If so it should go something like this:

First I will tell what is coming: we will be featuring Salvia argentea, the Silver Sage.  Then I will cover the main story of the day which just happens to be Salvia argentea, the Silver Sage.  Half way through the programme, just in case you have forgotten, I will remind you that we have been focusing on Salvia argentea, the Silver Sage.  And then, to sum up what has happened, I will yet again jog your dodgy memory that we have been talking about Salvia argentea, the Silver Sage. But, because I have filled all available time with fluff, you are none the wiser about this delightful, southern European short-lived perennial.

The only difference is that this furrisome delight is worth repeating, over and over again.  Unlike most news items.

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