Six on Saturday – Raindrops keep falling on my flowers

Someone must have speeded the film up.  It can’t possibly be Saturday again.  There is so much to cram into every week, it doesn’t seem fair that the time seems to pass more quickly at this time of year.   As we are pondering this anomaly, puzzled looks on our faces, gaining yet more wrinkles,Continue reading “Six on Saturday – Raindrops keep falling on my flowers”

Six on Saturday – Monochrome

This week I have, like many others it would seem, been undertaking a challenge.  My task has been to post a black and white photograph on Facebook, each day for seven days.  Usually I avoid these modern day chain letters, but on this occasion I thought it might be good fun.  There are a fewContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Monochrome”

Salvia argentea – The Silver Sage

Salvia argentea, the Silver Sage.   Do I sound like The News at 10.00?  If so it should go something like this: First I will tell what is coming: we will be featuring Salvia argentea, the Silver Sage.  Then I will cover the main story of the day which just happens to be Salvia argentea, the SilverContinue reading “Salvia argentea – The Silver Sage”